Rebuilding A burnt Dodge Hellcat Part 39

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Hey guys today we start tackling our Dodge Hellcat interior and finally start getting things back in!! plus we also have some new things in store for the channel! stay tuned!! your not going to wanna miss it!!Email Me here: ------If you want to send something over to D.I.Y Gang:Po Box 551 Vernon Ct 06066-----------------------------------------------If you wanna help out by Becoming a Patron Media:-Instagram- Gang Official Discord-


  • Stanpipe  1 months ago

    when you get older these will be toys. CLASSIC !!!!!

  • tony newcomb  1 months ago

    Hellcat has already surpassed factory specs. And has become premium collector

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    Def bro😉

  • Drake Joseph  1 months ago

    Definitely one of the most talented rebuilders I’ve seen! Keep up the great work man we love your videos

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    Thanks appreciate it!!!😉👍

  • Mr.Hedgehog  1 months ago

    Because they actually REBUILD. Not just buy some bumper and brackets, respray and call it a day...

  • Austin Coi  1 months ago

    LETS GOO. i b clicking too fast when this man upload

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    🤙😁appreciate the support bro

  • Blondie’s Garage  1 months ago

    Instant click! 😆 Love the channel, you’re super talented! 👍

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    I appreciate all the support and love DIY GANG FAMILY!!

  • Blondie’s Garage  1 months ago

    Ryan Nugent definitely one of my favorites! Lol they helped inspire me to start a channel along with PFI and many others 😂

  • hoganfan924  1 months ago

    Love what you’re doing! My dad was also a José, and I became his shop assistant at 2 years old. Happy to see you teaching your son. Saludos!Alejandro

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    Definitely I want to involve him more!!!😉👍

  • Ryan Nugent  1 months ago

    😆Did anyone else hurry up Soon as you received the notification that you clicked on the video... D.I.Y GANG👍🏾

  • TRX VLOGGER  1 months ago

    @sym tay Thanks man.

  • sym tay  1 months ago

    @TRX VLOGGER dude hope you ok...its a family up in here i come here to chill and watch the brother @ in Australia i get notifications 3am or 5am lol up & watching...😎great day start the day @wrk.. hope your well takecare

  • The Phoenix is rapidly becoming a work of art...and all due to you....Big shout out from the UK

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    Thanks appreciate it!!! Definitely can't take all the wife has helped me a lot with...little things here and there!!!😉👍

  • R Swan  1 months ago

    Nice to see you get your son involved, hands on knowledge is the best, you never forget it.

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    Yes definitely happy he wants to be a part of it!!!

  • Nick Rose  1 months ago

    I don't care what anyone says..... best car build on YouTube. 💪🍵🍵

  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago


  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    Thanks appreciate it!!!

  • Dave Builds It  1 months ago

    As you experience first-hand the progress you are making on the burnt Hellcat, do you ever think to yourself, "Bite me, Samcrac"?Just curious.

  • Kyron  1 months ago