Rebuilding A burnt Dodge Hellcat Part 39

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Hey guys today we start tackling our Dodge Hellcat interior and finally start getting things back in!! plus we also have some new things in store for the channel! stay tuned!! your not going to wanna miss it!!

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    ADIL SETIAWAN  1 months ago

    no like, no subs

  • Brendan lougee
    Brendan lougee  1 months ago

    Please turn your music down or your mic volume up, the inconsistency is stupid. I constantly have to turn it up AND down!

  • Nathan Parkes
    Nathan Parkes  1 months ago +1

    When does this guy sleep???? Big respect man, keep it up!

  • conservative personnel
    conservative personnel  3 months ago +2

    You are young homie, where or how did you learn how to become very knowledgable on every single part of a car.

    BILL COATES  3 months ago

    Bro you are amazing! I cant believe that the same car!

  • stephen devoe
    stephen devoe  3 months ago

    Love your family and your vids

  • fast eddy
    fast eddy  4 months ago

    Just wondered why u didnt paint under the rear arches?

  • Chris Abrams
    Chris Abrams  4 months ago

    Why did you have to redo the grounds? I'm assuming maybe the conductivity of the
    paint causing an issue?

  • funkyzero
    funkyzero  4 months ago

    excellent decision on the dynamat, however, I highly recommend to anyone else doing this that you go the extra little bit and cover ALL the floor, every single spot, and just as important, inside of the door skins, and the inner door skin as well the trunk floor. Basically you want to make a shell that covers every spot underneath the cars interior. Any sheet metal that you can stick this to will improve sound deadening dramatically. I've even see guys put it underneath the headliner, which I would definitely do if the car was already stripped like this. It's a lot of work, but this stuff turns rattle-traps into Cadillacs. I even had a shitty 98' Honda that I did this too and the difference was absolutely amazing. Everything about it, if you do a complete job, makes the car feel and sound solid as a rock. I can't overstate how much of an improvement something so simple can make. There is also an alternative from a company called RAAMaudio that is just as good and even a little less expensive. If you are restoring a car, don't skip this step, you'll be very glad

  • Graham harradine
    Graham harradine  4 months ago

    what a compleat waste of time. Do you charge by the hour.

  • Rubs
    Rubs  4 months ago

    Hey, which part of the burnt hellcat is still there?
    All I see is a donor hellcat, the name burnt dodge hellcat is just a bait?
    In the first videos I saw you dismantle the burnt dodge, but then the green dodge appears and seems to me that nothing remains from the burnt car...
    José, but I still admire your work and perseverance...
    Keep going...

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson  4 months ago

    I love how y'all rebuild the car as a family...awesome to see your son get in there, and your wife is as dedicated as you are. Just awesome

  • Antonia nevan Patiniott azopardi

    How rare is it to see my own Maltese island being shouted out

  • Create lock
    Create lock  4 months ago

    Why is it the Rebuilding A Burnt Hellcat part 38 is missing? Or is there a Rebuilding A Burnt Hellcat part 38?

  • Barry Stone
    Barry Stone  4 months ago +1

    You saw what no one else did potential keep up the good work bro tenfold you will get back out of this project

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez  4 months ago

    I grew up watching my father rebuild cars in his shop. I ended up in the medical field but I still enjoy watching cars being resurrected from the dead. Nice work and Happy Farhers Day!

  • Cody Nieman
    Cody Nieman  4 months ago

    Not talking shit, just curious. Wouldn't it have been easier to just buy a V6 Challenger and swapping over all the hellcat bits rather than completely rebuilding a completely destroyed hellcat?

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey  4 months ago

    So amazing

  • Danny Curtis
    Danny Curtis  4 months ago

    Looking great. Good progress 😁👍👍

  • pavel1809
    pavel1809  4 months ago

    What do you think about this SRT 2018