High On Fire Wins Best Metal Performance | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • Watch High On Fire's speech for Best Metal Performance at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.

    Full winners list: https://bit.ly/2SnSTFG

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  • Mark Creemore  (Feb 10, 2019))

    6 people in the audience know who this band is.

  • Michael Luciana  (Feb 21, 2019))

    your mom was there right?

  • NOOGIE 420  (Feb 21, 2019))

    Is that a Alan Parsons reference? Oh yeah, Sleep, High on Fire, and Om all fucking rule!

  • Michael Canada  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Pretty sad how metal is not televised. Ridiculous.

  • Michael Canada it used to be. It’s just now the trend is crappy rap/hip hop

  • Δzazil Warrior  (Feb 17, 2019))

    +John Tracy maybe he means in nowdays. Maybe

  • The Metal Hunter  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Matt Pike on stage, with a shirt on, giving a shoutout to Kurt Ballou, with a Tomahawk intro. What a time to be alive.

  • emarrrrr  (Feb 25, 2019))

    Kept on reading that as Mike Patton was wearing a shirt, was so confused. Not proud to say it took like 4 read throughs....

  • Aaron Kulukjian  (Feb 13, 2019))

    The Metal Hunter good ear

  • Aeternuss  (Feb 11, 2019))

    So much disrespect from the mainstream music industry toward Rock & Metal bands.

  • Δzazil Warrior  (Feb 17, 2019))

    Yeah same as country and jazz. Nowdays grammy is just about fake music

  • Scott Parker  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Arent we lucky! ;)

  • Alex Baratta  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Why does matt pike have a shirt on

  • Spencer Schreiber  (Feb 12, 2019))

    I didn't know Matt even owned a shirt, let alone he knew how to put one on

  • Spike 70  (Feb 12, 2019))

    Someone threw that shit on him on his way to the stage...

  • R Goosen  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Stoner Metal recognized for a Grammy...we have come a long way since Jethro Tull

  • The Fuck Cyclone  (Feb 16, 2019))

    One exception - The theme song for Shaft. "SHAFT - You daaaaaaamn right......."

  • mvunit3  (Feb 15, 2019))

    ​+Filosofemsofi, R Goosen, & Michael Hall - Hey all, I totally get you guys, and I know that High on Fire has huge fans worldwide, and were probably stunned and happy they were even "recognized" by the grammys. I also missed an opportunity in 2008 to see them open for Opeth.So I actually wrote a longer "rant" about the grammys and their nominations (ever since the Metallica/Tull fiasco in general) in reply to you all, but I wont bore you with it unless you guys don't mind me po...

  • Bill Seymour  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Look Grammy people; A real band. Mind boggling I know.

  • Richard Carpio  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Man...they had to WALK FAR to get their Grammy...

  • Paul Westfall  (Mar 4, 2019))

    Metaphorically and physically.

  • juscallmeChris  (Feb 12, 2019))

    should have seen the year Megadeth won, they had to walk down from the balcony..

  • Kevin Hernandez  (Feb 11, 2019))

    I find the audience's lack of enthusiasm disturbing

  • Fuck Feminism  (Feb 12, 2019))

    They only know the garbage top 40 shit

  • Filosofemsofi  (Feb 12, 2019))

    they are NPC

  • Nemesis302  (Feb 10, 2019))

    So many empty seats.

  • odibex  (Feb 22, 2019))

    what's it look like in there for best gamelan record? 😂

  • odibex  (Feb 22, 2019))

    yeah.. probably all that and no one gives a fuck about the Grammys anymore. "best heavy metal" isn't that gd obscure. it's not flippin klezmer lol