Why Was Meek Mill in Jail? | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 24, 2018
  • Rapper Meek Mill was released from prison after five months behind bars—but his battle for justice dates back nearly 10 years. What does Mill's struggle expose about a broken system? DeRay Mckesson explains.

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    Why Was Meek Mill in Jail? | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ


  • GQ
    GQ  a years ago +179

    On April 24th, The Philadelphia Supreme Court ordered for Meek Mill’s immediate release on bail. He went to a 76ers game.

  • Estrada603
    Estrada603  21 days ago +1

    Untegistered or stolen gun? Cause the report i read said stolen

  • Emma Nkepah Productions

    blacks tearing down blacks. fire judge janice

  • FuZe Mjp
    FuZe Mjp  1 months ago

    What’s 76ers game

  • Dick Fitswell
    Dick Fitswell  1 months ago +1

    They shouldn't let him be called a Rapper. That aint rap. Geto Boys, UGK, Lil Troy...now that's rap.
    Meek Mill is a mumble rapper & eminem wanna be rapper. Eminem sucks as of lately. That is what happens when you bash half of America as well as our President. Karma. Eminems last record was universally agreed...failure

  • twilliams842
    twilliams842  2 months ago

    Was there a gun and was he selling drugs at the time 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jason Lancaster
    Jason Lancaster  2 months ago +1

    Oh because he keeps violating probation. Got it.

  • Shannon McCarthy
    Shannon McCarthy  2 months ago

    Having corrupt people in the justice system is where we we go so so so wrong. If Meek never crossed paths with corrupt arresting officer Reginald Graham there for Meek would have never crossed paths with Judge Genece Brinkley now imagine what it is like people who arent famous who are dealing with corrupt members of the justice system just
    I M A G I N E that. Yes Meek's story is horrible but just think of how more horrible and sad and beyond sickening if a non famous black white purple blue poka dotted persons story would be if corrupt figures apart of the "justice system" were apart of their case/LIFE

  • Alex ThePrizeFish
    Alex ThePrizeFish  3 months ago

    dude just came out the vault

  • Dwight Ryan
    Dwight Ryan  4 months ago +2

    Sounds like the judge wants to lock him up at her place...

  • next up
    next up  6 months ago

    Don't forget Meek mill used to brag about selling crack to the black community

  • King Booming
    King Booming  8 months ago

    This dude looks like that noob skin in FORTNITE

  • Valansch
    Valansch  9 months ago

    Criminal does crime, criminal violates probation. Criminal gets sent to jail. Muh racism.

  • Brandin M
    Brandin M  9 months ago

    What's up with cosp in New York watching social media and jailing rappers

  • Frenchie Fun
    Frenchie Fun  9 months ago

    His hands scare and distract me, I didnt hear a word he said

  • Samuel Andreson
    Samuel Andreson  10 months ago +5

    Aw man he just slipped up by popping wheelies, doing drugs, and getting into fights

    DJCS DJ  a years ago

    What song is this 0:02?

  • matthew rittenhouse

    Don't commit crime

  • K. Lewis
    K. Lewis  a years ago

    Who at GQ cleared this video? It just shows Meek was doing a bunch of illegal stuff (guns, drugs, reckless driving), and this moron telling his story only make it worse. If this guy is your lawyer, you're going to jail.

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy  a years ago

    wrong guy...except he had a unregistered gun on him?