Here's Everything That's Broken on My Bargain Rolls Royce Phantom

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • Jose Manuel  11 months ago

    Next Video: Im selling all my cars to repair the Rolls Royce....

  • assuming this guy is wealthy and have a lot of disposable cash. 💸

  • Power Profit  2 months ago

    Great video

  • keith green  4 months ago

    I’m going to subscribe to your channel bud. You’re going to need it.

  • Steve Thea what the fuck? I’m not from Australia..

  • Steve Thea  1 months ago

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  • R3TR0  3 months ago

    Genius strategy: buy a cheap Rolls Royce that will likely need repairs, make a variety of enjoyable videos documenting the repairs, make the money back from ad revenues to cover your costs. This man this smart.

  • hans T  10 days ago

    @Alan Saad It would be better to spend 80k on a classic Automobile that might shoot up in value.

  • hans T  10 days ago

    @Alan Saad Depends on the lottery of course but An example of chances of winning : Vriendenloterij: 1/510.000Miljoenenspel: 1/1,12 milionStaatsloterij: 1/2,7 milionDe Lotto: 1/49 milionSo if you spend 80k on lottery tickets you will probarly end up with 0 profit.

  • Casey Todd  6 months ago

    The fact that this car was made and sold at the price point that it was when new, and is now in this condition with less than 50k miles on it, should be criminal. These cars should come with RIDICULOUS warranties. Bastards.

  • ✡ CSGO ALFA  1 months ago

    Poor people not getting it, no rich man will drive this, let alone keep it for more than the time it gets for the new one to come out, it's not like RR doesn't care, it's more like they don't care about accommodating poor people, and reliability is for poor people.

  • dcast777  1 months ago

    @Garrett Zajac Exactly, a sucker is born every day.

  • Tim Zurowski  10 months ago

    All that money and they glue on the chrome and the windows don’t work well lol

  • h171 l  11 months ago

    The umbrella was the whole purpose of the car dude

  • Mr Gekyume  13 days ago

    Dillon Davis he really paid 80k for an umbrella ☂😍 and a free shitty car 😒

  • cheese chisel  4 months ago

    the very worst case, you can gut the driveline and put a hellcat engine in it

  • Bill Owen  10 months ago

    SCANNER says “bank account empty, take to nearest Recycler”

  • Jacob Riddle  8 months ago

    Bill Owen ij

  • Marco Polo  10 months ago

    oh boy for that money you could have had a great paid 80k for the spirit of extasy...a really handicapped spirit

  • Charles Chamberlain  19 hours ago

    But he knows enough to not to buy a lemmon Rolls Royce enough said

  • Billy Bob Bobson  25 days ago

    Marco Polo speaking of handicaps, learn to spell Ecstasy.

  • jdm1066  4 months ago

    For the original asking price it should go 200,000 miles and 20 years with no issues. For it to need that much work that quickly is just insane.

  • Juan Serrano  12 days ago

    For less you can get a tacoma

  • Joshua Mack  28 days ago

    Even though owners don't care they should be constructed reliable just for the sake of being noble. Like that leakage? Why doesn't this have the best never leaking space_o_ring? Rolls Royce should be the best of everything