Live: MPs debate Boris Johnson's call for an early general election | ITV News

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 9, 2019
  • MPs are debating a motion on a snap election in the House of Commons, in the final day before Parliament is prorogued.

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  • john siddle
    john siddle  5 hours ago

    A great PM, the best ever.

  • Gross Herman
    Gross Herman  yesterday

    What an idiot this man Corbyn is. He is spouting off saying that Boris doesn’t want a deal and couldn’t get one even if he did.
    well comrade you were wrong, he did want a deal, you were wrong again, he did get the backstop thrown out, you were again wrong, he has got a deal. Just play this item again and listen to the fool.

  • myfindhorn2
    myfindhorn2  yesterday

    Even if they had another referendum, do any one of you believe for one minute the ballot boxes wont be tampered with.The people have lost faith in the government, there is not one party that can pull this country together other than The Brexit Party

  • Tyarlee Tyarlee

    We wish you luck, but a question about the situation of some of the following accused them in terrorism in direct and indirect ways and they are innocent.

  • David Harris
    David Harris  2 days ago

    Brilliant! Let’s have border checks but say we don’t! Problem solved. Pure genius.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  3 days ago

    The remainers just don't give up do they. they just wont honor the vote and they call themselves Parliment figures . What a laugh.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  3 days ago


  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  3 days ago

    she does not speak for me i am not worried for a no deal brexit. And their are hundreds more people who are not worried about a NO DEAL. THESE IDIOTS SHOULD GET THERE FACTS RIGHT.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  3 days ago

    The snp are a complete joke the same as labour.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  3 days ago

    hypocritical remainers.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  3 days ago

    Their is real true support for a no deal. sit down corbyn your a complete moronic baffon . Just retire corbyn you idiot and an embarrassment.

  • cubussirix
    cubussirix  3 days ago

    vote equilibrium party

  • Thomas James Mclean

    people said out eu queen said out leading party saod out lets stop petty argue and let boris get it done its not a personality contest its a democracy ideal that we all hold sacred and is part of the solution not likethe commy reds who are part of the problem lets get brexit done and lets get on with fixing our broken and divided country and become the strongest economy like we always was ans will be again

  • Mr Cook
    Mr Cook  3 days ago

    Its awful! we need an election now.

  • Jon-Paul Miller
    Jon-Paul Miller  4 days ago

    This is so awesome! I love this!

  • james wright
    james wright  5 days ago

    i wish they would shut the f*** up and let him speak

  • zog zoggy
    zog zoggy  5 days ago

    33 mins in. The SNP stalinist harps on about jo cox. We had a death of an MP. Is this a daily mantra by marxists in the commons.
    Well oh elite one. We had thousands of deaths of ordinary people since ending death penalty in the 60s. These commie types dont give a damn about their people the same way Stalin and Mao did not care about millions of their people they killed off. Prior to 50 years ago low rates of murder was uncommon the lefts view has been to almost legalise murder by unlimited tolerant attitude to killers or terrorists as anyone who objects is silenced as a bigot. We got activist judges that give soft sentences and the law has been adjusted to less years in jail. If we cant have Death Penalty back as a deterrent then send the worse 50000 of the100000+ prisoners to Russian and Chinese gulags and pay them the small costs to keep prisoners there and save us about 20 billion a year. Retrain the prison guards to assist the police on the front line.
    Why shouod we be paying hundreds of thousands to keep crazed killers alive when our elderly live a pitiful existance if you care about the poor. While all these lefty care only care about is jo cox.

  • Cyd Oman
    Cyd Oman  5 days ago

    The UK must have some money in their coffers. Taxpayers are funding a very lengthy campaign speech by Boris Johnson in Parliament, while his party whoops and hollers so loudly few can make all of it out. That is a lot of pound sterling being used up for very little in the way of effective government. I advise the UK public to bill the politicians that campaign on funds taken from the people. Government employees can be taught to tackle problems rather than each other, but firmness and a commitment to see it through is needed from voters. It is a question of will. Voters will either bring government under the heel of the governed, discipline it, motivate it, advise it, grimly weed it if necessary and always, always remind it where the authority lies.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers  6 days ago +4

    Who gives corbyn the right to speak for me or anyone else that voted out of the E.U. This is a conspiracy by the remainers and the E.U and it will all come out as truth.

  • forist1
    forist1  7 days ago +6

    I am Scottish and I voted to leave the EU , as a citizen of the UK my vote was counted as part of the overall total of the vote to leave . If Scotland was independant then it would mean that Scotland would have remained in but we are not independant therefore the argument by the SNP is irrelevant .