Trudeau announces full renewal of Canadian Coast Guard fleet

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Vancouver Wednesday to announce the renewal of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet. The program will be based in B.C. with 16 new ships that will provide a multitude of capabilities.For more info, please go to http://www.globalnews.caSubscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Global News on Facebook HERE: Global News on Twitter HERE: Global News on Instagram HERE: #CoastGuard #Trudeau #GlobalNews #Canada #Arctic #Ships #Navy


  • hogensan
    hogensan  2 months ago +26

    Lies and deceit thy name is Trudeau

  • Picc
    Picc  2 months ago +13

    Trudeau starts taking at about 16:00

  • trevor trapp
    trevor trapp  2 months ago +22

    Canada needs to get rid of Trudeau but also get rid of all the imagrants he let in and charge him for all the money lost

  • Bachcha (बच्चा )

    hahahah Trudeau lisps defiantly as embarassed "sentient" Canada hangs its collective head China laughs, America holds its nose, India scoffs and the Philippines sends him a big stinky gift ..

  • Conan Doyle
    Conan Doyle  2 months ago +17

    I swear that nose has grown a foot since 2016.....UH ER AH ER UM AH

  • Bachcha (बच्चा )

    All hat and no ships, all hat and no planes, all buffoonery and no respect ..

  • Zaptor
    Zaptor  2 months ago +28

    Does feminist Trudeau actually know what the Coast Guard is and what they do? I figure he’s more knowledgeable about Barbie and Ken than anything else.

  • Paul Anger
    Paul Anger  2 months ago +20

    His Eyebrows are falling off......again

  • Freedom News
    Freedom News  2 months ago +9

    I thought this "government" was concerned about ships and their so-called impact on Orcas, guess somehow 16 new ships wont make that much of an impact so bring on the tanker already and stop the bloody tanker ban!

  • Dougie Drums
    Dougie Drums  2 months ago +19

    Oh look another day, another 40,000 liters of jet fuel.

  • Alex Pace
    Alex Pace  2 months ago +11

    it's called saving face & buying votes for the the Mark Norman fiasco!

  • Glenn Pritchard
    Glenn Pritchard  2 months ago

    "All 3 Navy Zumwalts now 'in the water' . Meanwhile we have fishing trawlers.

  • kstock
    kstock  2 months ago +3

    Useless Dancing Boy

  • gerard bourque
    gerard bourque  2 months ago +5


  • Andrew Ojala
    Andrew Ojala  2 months ago +1

    so the Yanks are going to build the rest or someone else like the Cat ferry

  • The Canada First Party

    Trudeau could have gotten this Idea off of our Twitter feed 3 YEARS AGO ,
    Lets hope he read The whole Tweet and We BUILD Our own ships here is Canada Including BC .

  • S Hodgins
    S Hodgins  2 months ago +5

    Perhaps the tensions with China are worse than thought?

  • Tony Colida
    Tony Colida  2 months ago +2

    All lies!

  • Dan S
    Dan S  2 months ago

    FLUSH the Turd 2019 🚽💩👎

  • TheVCHorseguy
    TheVCHorseguy  2 months ago

    I don't think he gives a damn about the Coast Guard or the Indigenous peoples he mentioned.