Stubborn Malamute Talks Back

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • Malamute destroyed my package and blaming huskies did it.

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  • Vonarg vo
    Vonarg vo  2 months ago

    Gus is so... you know right the end!

  • Nebarus
    Nebarus  2 months ago

    That Gusser is very hard to stay mad at :)

  • CarolinaGirl
    CarolinaGirl  5 months ago +2

    Gus is hilarious and equally precious and lovable. You have great dogs there at Kul Farm. Gus talking back is the best! 😂❤️🐶🐾

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez  6 months ago

    Gus is literally spitting image of my brothers dog. Same breed, exact color, and markings. It's crazy.

  • Destman
    Destman  6 months ago

    А у нас в квартире газ. А у вас ?

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am  6 months ago

    Lololol oh ma gawsh! The way responds is hilarious.

  • Cason Real
    Cason Real  7 months ago


  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit  7 months ago

    Silly dogs,pretty cool.

  • Freedomcat
    Freedomcat  7 months ago

    You might want to get some empty boxes from Home Depot to control his energy.

  • fatguylungs
    fatguylungs  7 months ago

    likes vid only 3 sec in

  • USubISub Cats
    USubISub Cats  7 months ago

    Thats the cutis thing i ever see. In my
    Entire life

  • Uzzy KilLer
    Uzzy KilLer  7 months ago

    I remember when Gus was a puppy

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams  7 months ago

    Sassy Gus

  • SoldatCrinale
    SoldatCrinale  7 months ago +1

    Looks like he wants to review some planting gadgets.

  • George Sealy
    George Sealy  7 months ago +1

    Gus knows what he did. But how can anybody stay mad at him for long? He's got that tail wagging and ears down thing going on.

  • HuSia Cat
    HuSia Cat  7 months ago +1

    Yes I did it but there were circumstances.... The Huskies, they made me do it , I didn't want too, but once I started it was sooo good Dad !

  • S S.
    S S.  7 months ago

    Lol love this ...this reminds me of my back and forth argument with my husky, pit, pyrnees mix lol

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex  7 months ago


  • Sakonema
    Sakonema  7 months ago +1


  • BergletteMom
    BergletteMom  7 months ago +1

    He’s so funny! I love talking doggies