This Quick Trick Stops Me Wasting Cash & Time When Rebuiding a Salvage Car

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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  • John Elt
    John Elt  a years ago +113

    Some problems can stare you right in your face and you just wont see them.....glad you found the problem SAM

  • Dukefazon
    Dukefazon  5 months ago

    I love the process of finding out the problem and working out a solution, finally the successful repair. I was hooked on computer repair videos 2 years ago and today I'm fixing a lot of video game consoles. I love what you did to the Corvette in these videos!

  • Don Newland
    Don Newland  9 months ago

    No 2013 Toyota Avalon manual... very Lame
    Avalon was redesigned 2013.

  • adwest23
    adwest23  9 months ago

    You crack me up Sam

  • joe Z
    joe Z  9 months ago

    Sam, you know that I love your channel but "a few hours work"????....please be honest with people!!!!!

  • Eric Valor
    Eric Valor  11 months ago

    Rule #1: RTFM.
    You should always get a shop manual before taking a wrench to any car. This is especially true if you aren't familiar with the car. I am very glad I got one before doing a brake job on my old Saab years ago because the front discs were some needlessly wacky over-engineered contraption that was unlike anything I had seen before or since. Without the $12 Chilton's I would have been screwed (this was in the very early days of the Internet before everything and its mother was available online and a fast connection was 9600 bps).

  • At Your Six
    At Your Six  11 months ago

    Anyone else notice the green wire sticking out of the loom in his hand at 8:34? Get yourself a Fluke multimeter and an airbag safe test light. I have worked on custom automotive electronics since the mid 90's. You gotta have both to diagnose anything electrical. Especially in an accident damaged vehicle. Wires get damaged with all of that metal being crushed together.

  • nothing
    nothing  a years ago

    no, the quick trick would be to actually diagnose first before going out and buying unnecessary parts. in this case even the manual was not really required.

  • angel me
    angel me  a years ago

    I find it funny that I watch these videos and actually learn something xD

  • Jason Kimble
    Jason Kimble  a years ago

    Did this come from Covington Ford?

  • Pini Pinhasov
    Pini Pinhasov  a years ago

    Hey you remind me nas daily

  • Kris Wingert
    Kris Wingert  a years ago

    Cut wire = someone did this to take the original part off. No other reason for it to be cut so close to the wire gang.

  • Jim G.
    Jim G.  a years ago

    Did I hear you right?
    You installed a USED airbag?
    Totally illegal.

  • Adriansbox yuh
    Adriansbox yuh  a years ago

    Can you help me buy a car on copart please 370z..I need your expertise

  • Noel Vande Slunt
    Noel Vande Slunt  a years ago

    10:30 cut and dry... Cut the time lol oh the puns

    TnT DRACO  a years ago

    Hey that’s my old car the same 1 I wrecked the front on a ranny day gettin off the highway

  • Joseph Homanick
    Joseph Homanick  a years ago

    That wire you had the horn connected to at first is a constant hot and the wire is orange . I’m almost positive that it is for the hood light . Hope you capped off those wrong wires . They are constantly hot . Great video Sam I love finding and dealing with problems like this ..

  • clarkkent12880
    clarkkent12880  a years ago

    Voltmeter isn't even necessary to fix this issue.

    All you needed to do was hook a test light up to the red wire and pull the relay.

    If the test light stays on then it's not the horn relay/ switch.

  • Hyunseong Park
    Hyunseong Park  a years ago

    Can u drive and go with enhanced vihicle rate?

  • Rob Stephens
    Rob Stephens  a years ago

    Did you look up the wires that were mistakenly connected to the horn to determine their purpose?