This Quick Trick Stops Me Wasting Cash & Time When Rebuiding a Salvage Car

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018
  • Link To Shop Manuals: for 20% off (must use link): EMOSAMInstagram: Me: [email protected]: SamcracPO Box 713Odessa, FL 33556


  • John Elt  10 months ago

    Some problems can stare you right in your face and you just wont see them.....glad you found the problem SAM

  • A. Wheeler  10 months ago

    just leave the horn on 24/7 and say you like it that way lmao

  • Andrew Schulz  10 months ago

    Battery would die

  • elcaminosunlimited  10 months ago

    The horn sounds like its blasting the high note only. this should be a dual tone horn.

  • Greg Andrews  9 months ago

    He obviously just had it hooked up temporary to test it. Like he said

  • hornhospital  9 months ago

    Yes, so is connecting the second horn considered more work or not? I rest my case.

  • Lucas Parrish  10 months ago

    Don't you have a volt/ohm meter? Lucky you didn't hook that up to something really expensive.

  • Muskoka Mike  10 months ago

    a $4.00 test light would have shown him his error at the onset......(you know the ones that look like a screwdriver with a lightbulb in the handle?).....

  • Atra Hasis  10 months ago

    One can never have enough bananas.

  • shane mc  10 months ago

    Next time don't ask body repair to do electrical job.

  • trucid2  10 months ago

    What's the status of the money pit jetta?

  • White Thunder  10 months ago

    Burn down to the ground.. insurance job baby!

  • I worked as a stereo and speaker installer for two years, so as soon as you said red wire I knew you had the wrong one. Red/Yellow wires 99% of the time indicate direct 12v connections.

  • Andrew Schulz  10 months ago

    Jeez I reinstalled some smoke detectors once and I even know that red is constant and black is ground

  • Muskoka Mike  10 months ago

    not really, now I haven't done it lately, but for the past 40 years pure red and pure black have been exclusively constant power and ground. Mercedes, Ford GM Chrysler Mazda Honda Toyota etc etc etc. Now this isn't to say that they don't use OTHER colours, but if you see a red wire, you are pretty much guaranteed it's constant power. This applies to just about every other area where there is electricity.

  • portallatro  10 months ago

    RTFM is the best trick. Tough one. Congratulations. Sux to waste money on the steering wheel.

  • Christopher U.S. Smith  10 months ago

    portallatro RTFM almost always pinpoints the problem. :)

  • Tomislav Lulic  10 months ago

    I think that's the best feeling in world to figure out stuff like that