DIY DISNEY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES 2018: Lilo, Chip & Vanellope!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
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  • Deisy Valle
    Deisy Valle  9 months ago +425

    You should dress moose up as stich

  • Raven Villanueva
    Raven Villanueva  9 months ago +545

    I honestly thought she was going to dress moose as stitch

  • Devin Chandler
    Devin Chandler  9 months ago +96

    You should have made moose a stitch costume! That would be Halloween GOALLSSSS! PLUS I would have cut a triangle shape put of the neck part of the Chip costume... other wise super site costumes

  • Mackenzie Malcolm
    Mackenzie Malcolm  9 months ago +30

    Can you do as many last minute costumes as you can?!?!

  • Avery Head
    Avery Head  9 months ago +107

    She really needs to start think about us people who live in the cold bc no one wants to go outside in a skirt when it’s 55 degrees out

  • r o s i a
    r o s i a  9 months ago +466

    I thought you would dress moose like stitch and carry him 😂

  • Gurleen Buttar
    Gurleen Buttar  9 months ago +18

    For the chip costume you should make a diy headband for it and the headband should be white or purple with a tea cup hot glued onto it. The tea cup doesn’t have to be real😂 Like or comment if you agree!

  • Sumaira Merzais
    Sumaira Merzais  9 months ago +29

    Moosie bear should've been Stichhh, loved it anyways so cute

  • Jacomijne
    Jacomijne  9 months ago +10

    where did you get that leaf skirt from? =)

  • nalu wolf
    nalu wolf  9 months ago +7


  • Briana Mejia
    Briana Mejia  9 months ago +302

    Lauren can you plz do BFF costumes (like so Lauren can see)

  • Ebubechi Abonyi
    Ebubechi Abonyi  9 months ago +20

    She doesn't do tutorials anymore

  • Unicorn love Charmi
    Unicorn love Charmi  9 months ago +7

    The roses are red
    The sky is blue
    Lauren is the best on Youtube

  • 10aridg
    10aridg  9 months ago +8

    Why didn’t she show how she did Lilo’s headband 😕

  • Chhenghorng Lim
    Chhenghorng Lim  9 months ago +1

    Love these ideas! So freakin CutE! You did such an amazing job. And that editing is on point! 😍💖🙌🏻

  • Joshua Huff
    Joshua Huff  9 months ago +189

    1 like = 1 more person who loves LaurDIY!!!!!

  • gabrielle amen
    gabrielle amen  9 months ago +3

    i went to my local target to find your products and didn’t find them!! im so sad! 😢😭❤️

  • Kate Anastasia
    Kate Anastasia  9 months ago +1


  • OMGAngel WOLF
    OMGAngel WOLF  9 months ago +5

    In the thumbnail I thought Lauren was Olaf

  • Alexa Volleyball
    Alexa Volleyball  9 months ago +2

    Hey Lauren I just realized the progress that you’ve made and how beautiful u have became just saying I love you channel and your such and inspiration to me because my parents recently have been fighting and you have really brought me through the dark clouds I love you so much and ur so so amazing💕💕