Christmas Puppy Surprise! (ft Jojo Siwa)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018
  • I say this video was for my new friend Jojo, but... it was actually for me! THEY'RE SO FLUFFY!!GET YOUR WASSABI MERCH NOW!http://www.AlexWassabi.comJoJo's channel:'s MUST WATCH videos!: every Wassabi CHALLENGE video!: Wassabi episode EVERY DAY!JOIN THE JOURNEY!Twitter: Channel: @RealAlexWassabiDon't forget to remember!If you're not smiling,YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!! :)mKay bYe!Intro music by


  • Wassabi
    Wassabi  8 months ago +2345


  • Rubi nava
    Rubi nava  8 months ago +231

    He misses the mossie bear a lot

  • Neelufa Ali
    Neelufa Ali  4 months ago +75

    I love how JoJo has a deeper voice than Alex😂

  • Zhou Lily
    Zhou Lily  6 months ago +13

    Wasabi Remember Roi you used to be friends

  • cecilia ventura
    cecilia ventura  3 months ago +25

    One. Puppy. Looks. Like. Bow. Bow

  • Rylee Thayer
    Rylee Thayer  2 months ago +18

    I think jojo has the cuter photo and I love you pr and jojo’s vids

  • Natalie Roby
    Natalie Roby  8 months ago +191

    I’m 99.9% sure Alex has the nicest fan group 😂
    Edit: not 99.9% , 100%
    Small YouTuber trying to spread kindness & love ❤️

  • Savannah May
    Savannah May  1 months ago +6

    Jojo and puppies?! Hallelujah!

  • Aanyah Koronito
    Aanyah Koronito  3 months ago +10

    I'm sorry alex.....I think jojo won the cutest picture challenge

  • Carina Cheng
    Carina Cheng  1 months ago +3

    JoJo Siwa The best selfie go JoJo Siwa Who Alex Wasabi those are the best route

  • Lyndon Santos
    Lyndon Santos  2 months ago +3

    Jojo I have a question it's almost your dream brthday

  • cashew
    cashew  8 months ago +122

    Has anyone else kinda noticed that Jojo voice is deeper than Alex's? 😂

  • Joenil Flamiano
    Joenil Flamiano  5 months ago +14

    Give one 😄😜😝 I love pupes

  • Concrete Service
    Concrete Service  6 months ago +2

    Jojo had the most adoribale pictures with the 🐶.

  • Belinda Villagran
    Belinda Villagran  4 months ago +3

    Jojo picture is best

  • Paper Milo
    Paper Milo  1 months ago +2

    95% of JoJo screaming

  • Mickella Pena
    Mickella Pena  8 months ago +94

    Who else saw the very end after the outro 😂😂😂 "baby shark"

  • Ronald Miller
    Ronald Miller  3 months ago +1

    On Netflix and I saw you on the movie last night

  • Chan Chan Moroña
    Chan Chan Moroña  4 months ago +1

    I think jojo siwa pics is more cute

  • Anahi Rojo Rojo
    Anahi Rojo Rojo  5 months ago +1

    Jojo siwa won for the pictures ever