This Channel Is Changing!



  • Jess
    Jess  an hour ago

    You are Lily. You are Superwoman. You are not fronting. You are not stunting. You have this amazing energy and vibe about you that only gets better as you express yourself. Burnouts can happen as a content creator or any kind of creator. This is your family, but even with the positive/negative comments and suggestions, at the end of the day, you gotta do you and I truly believe you show every spectrum of you. Stay my hero. Stay UNDEFINED!!!!!!

  • D. D.
    D. D.  an hour ago

    The official end of IISuperwomanII :(

  • Sodak Tn
    Sodak Tn  an hour ago

    The only clarity I want is to know if my dad is coming back or not

  • Selena Goudreault
    Selena Goudreault  2 hours ago

    I hope she goes back to the good old lilly I was watching a few years ago... her vids are so forced now and scripted :/ it feels not authentic

  • Nigel Niggit
    Nigel Niggit  3 hours ago

    I’m taking another breaks guys.

  • shellygurl86
    shellygurl86  5 hours ago

    A ton of luck

  • Stefan De maas
    Stefan De maas  6 hours ago

    Lilly you have no idea how amazing it feels when you say you love youre fans
    Greets from the Netherlands😁

  • Bealthie
    Bealthie  6 hours ago

    I missed you Lilly !!!

  • Nadia Lehman
    Nadia Lehman  6 hours ago

    hi love your vids

  • Victony Channel
    Victony Channel  7 hours ago


  • Rahul Shewale
    Rahul Shewale  8 hours ago

    Oiii lilly good work

  • zareen 147
    zareen 147  9 hours ago

    Best decision.I am so proud of you. But why not "one love superwoman" ?!

  • James Morante
    James Morante  10 hours ago

    End your channel you’re a joke.

  • Tom Edëk
    Tom Edëk  10 hours ago

    I'm excited for the no schedule.
    Getting a video from Lil is gonna feel like a nice little surprise. Like hey gorgeous, here's a video to brighten your day!

  • The Jasoos
    The Jasoos  10 hours ago +1

    I don't understand why most people are accusing Lilly of being over enthusiastic...... she's just being her true self.She's just the same as in her old u Lilly!!!! Keep going.

  • Daniella's Town
    Daniella's Town  11 hours ago

    “What’s up its your girl lily”

  • Terezzus
    Terezzus  11 hours ago

    So proud of you

  • Aidan . Z
    Aidan . Z  14 hours ago

    Woah..guys? Leave her alone :( She's human too

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue  15 hours ago

    Quality over quantity 💪🏼

  • Nines&AKs
    Nines&AKs  16 hours ago

    dont come back

    • fozia atif
      fozia atif  9 hours ago

      Don't come back on what ?
      How about you don't come back on this channel