SNL's Colin Jost and Michael Che Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair



  • geekphreak
    geekphreak  4 hours ago

    There’s no such thing as a “truth” machine. This is voodoo science. You can “fail” this just by being sweaty. Everyone gets sweaty

  • jaketyler
    jaketyler  8 hours ago

    Wish that hoe would shut up in these videos

  • ProloShade
    ProloShade  15 hours ago

    the lie detecter ladie is a jerk

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown  yesterday

    *Marital Advice for Pete* Oh... Oh No...

  • Large Soda
    Large Soda  yesterday

    why's the music so creepy?

  • Jarin Tasnim
    Jarin Tasnim  yesterday

    these two are so funny

  • D D
    D D  2 days ago

    Wow, this fat chick is incredibly annoying.

  • Chase Dieckhoner
    Chase Dieckhoner  2 days ago

    "If you could give marital advice to Pete, what would it be?"

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho  3 days ago

    This was much funnier than I even expected😂. I like how Colin could hardly keep straight at all. I want to see them in other things.

  • Loraine Schreiner

    "You're yelling at a machine right now" is what my dad says when its 3 am and widow keeps sniping my head off

  • MeowRolePlay
    MeowRolePlay  3 days ago

    These examiners need to chill out!!

  • Will Hanken
    Will Hanken  3 days ago +1

    Well that Pete reference aged terribly

  • MrSmitheroons
    MrSmitheroons  3 days ago

    This almost broke the format of this whole series!

  • Mr.quimby_is_new Clyde

    “Do U have any advice for pete Davidson’s marriage”

  • Tim Smyth
    Tim Smyth  3 days ago

    Why is the woman so serious, my god.

  • Pennyz
    Pennyz  3 days ago

    The lady was being so rude

  • vicks99vl
    vicks99vl  3 days ago

    "If you can give marital advice to Pete..." this video did not age well

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor  4 days ago

    The "broken glass everywhere" reference was so sly and hilarious....

  • Abrahim Javed
    Abrahim Javed  4 days ago

    I love how the proctor is meant to be serious all the time but they were so funny, they cracked her.

  • Gladys Acolentava

    YOu'Re YeLliNG aT A mACHiNe ЯIgHt n0W.