Prophecy Alert: "SECRET DEAL" Holy Land Agreement (Israel & Palestinians)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2019
  • also "Secret Deal in the Holy Land also also also


  • One for Christ
    One for Christ  3 months ago

    Iam saved! Praise God thank you for GRACE!

  • Kathy Graves
    Kathy Graves  3 months ago

    I was hoping we won’t still be here in 2024.

  • nicolasdrake s
    nicolasdrake s  4 months ago

    and then the word spread throughout the world.

  • 1MadHatter
    1MadHatter  4 months ago

    Can somebody help me? Who is it that delivers the 'Covenant with Many"? How come we are not talking about the part of J Kushner on this? Just because he is related to Trump through marriage does not mean he is without suspicion. His family has a very long history of left wing Dem activity (he switched to Rep only before the election) and he is a Chabad, Rabbi Schneerson jew. That means he is working to bring in the new "Messiah". Dubious and in need of attention. Blessings and glad to see you well Pastor P!

  • Eric Sulikowski
    Eric Sulikowski  4 months ago

    E. Michael Jones: check him out

  • George Cullen
    George Cullen  4 months ago

    Paul Begley
    Pastor Paul, you have so many very nice songs on yout music CD’s. Yet , however, it seems that “Shelter Me” is your go to, default, all purpose track that you always ask Brock to que up. The result being that song is way, way overplayed and most other
    songs barely ever get air time.
    I’m sorry to sound fussy. But,
    that song has gotten so worn
    out for me that I turn off the sound until its done.
    Your other works deserve air time, too! God Bless you!

  • Mary Cleveland
    Mary Cleveland  4 months ago

    Israel made a mistake with rescinding the fuel tax to Palestinians. It will backfire on them.

  • Athena Krassensky
    Athena Krassensky  4 months ago

    Pastor Paul, Please do not change your personality or format for the few 'Debbie Downers' that complain about your boundless joy and exuberance in the Lord while giving us the information and Word of God! Some of us have been through so much heartache, loss and pain, that watching you is a daily joyous blessing, a bubbling brook of love! I love your singing and cutting up! I am thankful I found your channel, pray for you and your family, stand strong and please don't let the meanies get to you! Thank you for being there for us! :)

  • Kathy Karnath
    Kathy Karnath  4 months ago

    Dear Pastor PAUL, I am a Catholic and a very FAITHFUL Catholic but let me say to you I enjoy LISTENING to you. I listen to your videos everyday. YOU can see you truly love the LORD. YOU keep us all very updated on all that is going on in ISRAEL and throughout the world. Those who criticize you certainly need prayer and true conversion. JESUS taught us to love all and to work together in these last days so we will be ready for Hiss sECOND COMING. JESUS hates when we TEAR others down although it does make US stronger for we have HIM WHO LOVES US. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE TREMENDOUS WORK YOUR DOING!

  • Kurian Mathew
    Kurian Mathew  4 months ago

    John 8:44
    This looks like a Mafia settlement deal

  • Donna Pierce
    Donna Pierce  4 months ago

    🎵🎸I got Ps Begely's album 😄😊😉tooo good. ..driving round with Ps P in the car singing in Australia 😄😃😉EXCELLENT

  • Angie Weston
    Angie Weston  4 months ago

    Lol ... Lol ... Storm a high security military base, let me know how that works out for ya ..SMH

  • Steve J
    Steve J  4 months ago

    God is moving in a strong way in America, China, Russia, Israel, Gaza, Iran, South Africa. Be ready to reach out to those that will cross your path by the grace and forbearing of God.

  • Roseane Flynn
    Roseane Flynn  4 months ago +1

    You sound so much better tonight. Actually funny and you are quite a showman. It’s nice to see you so authentic in your own skin. Love the information you share on your shows. Bless you always.

  • chris Krueger
    chris Krueger  4 months ago +1


  • sherrie sprayberry
    sherrie sprayberry  4 months ago

    Wish people could have used discernment .........

  • sherrie sprayberry
    sherrie sprayberry  4 months ago

    The economy report specialist are worried.

  • coy h
    coy h  4 months ago

    "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas."   We are to watch and pray for His return each day and quit looking for signs and wonders.

  • Patti Bullock
    Patti Bullock  4 months ago +1

    Blood moon this week in Israel & Dutchsince mentioned a possible earthquake this week in Israel.

  • Thor Haakon Sandberg

    Where can i watch that episode with Mike from around the world from two years ago?.