The Steelers should sign Colin Kaepernick - Stephen A. | First Take

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith suggests the Steelers should consider signing Colin Kaepernick after Ben Roethlisberger's season-ending elbow injury. Stephen A. also says he has been told that Kaepernick's agent has contacted Pittsburgh, along with the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints, but the teams have not expressed interest.
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  • Jacks Family
    Jacks Family  4 hours ago

    Jets, Miami, Pitt, Bills, Giants, Jags, guys these teams need a QB. CK is better than most of these QB's today. He's 4-2 in the playoffs, 1 Superbowl.

  • anthony wilson
    anthony wilson  yesterday

    All of you are wrong the NFL is riding this rollercoaster of bs because of his statement stop beating up and killing blacks and calling it justifiable now he wasn't talking about the arm Forces stupid people Colin got paid because the NFL was wrong for what they done to him about it and if he did come to Pittsburgh we have fans all over the world a select few stop going to bad some body else can have them seats real fans is about the team get off it

  • hatcher2435
    hatcher2435  yesterday

    Lol he is idiot attitude, isn't worth the price of him being a quarterback. He would have played for Baltimore if it wasn't for his mouth.

  • Alan Anderson
    Alan Anderson  3 days ago

    Did he really just suggest the agent is why nobody wants to sign Kap?

  • Louie Garcia
    Louie Garcia  4 days ago

    To late he a unpatriotic moron let him rot

  • P L
    P L  5 days ago +2

    Ain’t no one hiring him, he will never play another NFL game

  • SuperBigblue19
    SuperBigblue19  6 days ago

    Good old ESPN keeps trying to get someone to hire this dude. He should go work for Nike, they like to talk out of both sides of their mouths too.

  • Benjamin McKinley

    Steve, keep to basketball. Your NFL takes suck. Kapernick is overrated. He kneeled for the first time as a backup so his activism got a backup released not a starter. Tough to sign when he thinks he's a starter and should get paid for it. If he understood his role better I may say to take a chance.

  • Oliver Santikham
    Oliver Santikham  7 days ago

    Colin is not oppressed. Colin is not a victim. He is entitled and wants to be treated with special rules because he's an NFL player. Don't forget that the NFL is a business and an NFL field is PRIVATE PROPERTY. If you are an NFL player then you are on the clock when you are wearing that uniform and standing on that field. You then have to abide by a certain code of conduct just like anybody else at any other job. Kaep may not have liked that part of playing in the NFL but he sure had no problems cashing those paychecks din't he? If you don't want to abide by the rules while on the clock, then just like any business the owner of that business has a right kick you off the pay roll. Colin can complain all he wants about unfair treatment but the truth is that he was treated just like many other players who have caused bad PR for their employer, he was let go.

  • Itsshaggy17
    Itsshaggy17  7 days ago

    One. Colin didn’t have a clue was he was protesting.
    Secondly He had a few chances already to come back to the NFL
    Which he and his girlfriend ruined those chances.
    And third of all he’s not getting black balled. It simply nobody wants a drama queen on their team anymore
    He’s a bigger distraction then anything.
    Last thing is Colin was never that good. The 49ers head coach made him good and took that team to a Super Bowl.
    Now can we stop talking about him.
    He’s irrelevant because games are on Sunday and he’s not playing.

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell  7 days ago

    First amendment to kneel but not to hire who they want?

  • Amanda Archuleta
    Amanda Archuleta  7 days ago

    Send him to Denver 🐎

  • Christine Ford is CIA

    I rather lose ever game in a season than have Krapernick as QB.

  • Jimmy Dawkins Jr
    Jimmy Dawkins Jr  7 days ago

    The Steelers are looking to the draft to get Tua from Alabama why should I want Kaepernick a big distraction

  • NyQuil Induced Nightmares

    When did Al sharptin become a sports caster

  • NyQuil Induced Nightmares

    Any body else just wish Stephen a would just shut the f up about everything forever

  • Brandon Hare
    Brandon Hare  7 days ago

    He showed that he wasn't what he was thought to be. His last 2 seasons were terrible, granted he didn't play the entire seasons. They won 7 games in those years and his performance was pretty terrible. He could possibly be a backup somewhere but I think he has made it clear that he can't be the one you have to rely on.

  • Gene Q
    Gene Q  7 days ago

    Good lord... Here we go again... It's weird, that when Tebow kneeled it was very off-putting too many in the media and fans... but the opposite with Colin, it's heroic (especially the media). Same with their skills.. Going to Super Bowl it's all Colin... Yet a playoff drive and win, it's all Denver D, because Tebow actually stinks. Some hypocracy there. Strange similarities, but yet different.

  • Taco Jesus
    Taco Jesus  7 days ago

    Why wasn’t the fact that he sued the NFL mentioned? It’s the most obvious answer to why he’ll never play QB in the league again, you don’t sue someone then ask them for a job...

  • Richard Hayes
    Richard Hayes  7 days ago

    No fucking way. Stay away from the cancer!