Binging with Babish: Fried Chicken Lasagna & The Luther Burger from the Boondocks

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 4, 2017
  • Robert Freeman is a man with strong opinions, a hair trigger on his belt, and a penchant for foods so fatty they put you to sleep. The Itis, Robert's catastrophic soul food franchise, so effectively renders its selfsame phenomenon that it nearly destroys the town. Food from the Freeman menu is best consumed annually.

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  • Breeze Weezy  (Jul 4, 2017))

    "May freedom rain on you like grease on my countertop" that may be the most American thing I've heard today.

  • +TheLifeStalker no where the fuck did you hear that he siad illegal citizens will be deported not just brown people retard

  • David Lee  (4 days ago))


  • emily AtomicGirl shull  (May 15, 2018))

    I would seriously make that breakfast lasagna at least once just for fun.

  • caspar valentine  (Jan 27, 2019))

    adopt me please?

  • Tis I, The Anon.  (Jan 22, 2019))

    I'll help you, I got 2 pans that will hold it all my dude.

  • Brayan Velez  (Jun 1, 2018))

    My arteries are screaming by the amount of cholesterol, sugar, and carbs there are

  • timeroller  (Jan 27, 2019))

    the lasagna looks good tho

  • Rlack Babbit  (Jan 23, 2019))

    It's ok they cancel each other out

  • J4CK TUR80T  (Mar 12, 2018))

    Man, you can’t serve this food, it’ll cause... death!

  • Blanc Slate  (1 day ago))

    Note To Self: Eat One Before I Die, I Mean Right Before I Die, As In So Close To Death That How Unhealthy It Is Won't Even Matter.

  • diabetes first then heart failure then you get yeeted to deaths front door and then you get buried with the grave stone saying "he ate the burger and got the ded in return"

  • Topaz 13  (Jun 25, 2018))

    It might cause death But what a death

  • steven smith  (22 hours ago))

    I'd request it as my last meal if i was on death row. I'd die before they could kill me.

  • imran Mevic  (Jan 31, 2019))

    Death has diabeetus

  • Liberty Justice  (Jul 17, 2017))

    When you forget the cross section.

  • Spitfirepilot19  (6 days ago))

    He still cut it in half, doesn't that count?

  • GoSaints9421  (Dec 18, 2018))

    Colin Campbell nobody is jealous of stupidity. You’re too thick headed to listen to anything anyone says so believe what you want.

  • Tostilocos  (Apr 19, 2018))

    That waffle reveal made me nut a little bit

  • Jade Leong  (2 days ago))

    Thank fuck this video was out before no nut November

  • your mom  (5 days ago))

    Hol up

  • Jeremy Bransford  (Mar 19, 2018))

    Did you get the "Itis"?

  • Paco Vega  (Feb 9, 2019))

    Anglerr.E.D as did I mate lol

  • Anglerr.E.D  (Feb 9, 2019))

    I read tits lol

  • George Finley  (Oct 17, 2018))

    Hear that? My cardiologist just fainted.

  • Minty Mint  (Jul 9, 2018))

    That sounds so unhealthy I bet just licking that thing will cause someone's arteries to explode Sidenote: I need to start watching the boondocks again

  • dragonblade101  (Jan 17, 2019))

    The last season doesn't hold up to the others. On a sidenote if you like that show I would recommend black dynamite.

  • I Dont Understand  (Sep 27, 2018))

    Well at Matt Stonie, he explodes arteries ;-;ima guess he's supernatural