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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 24, 2018
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  • Oblue
    Oblue  3 months ago +64
    check out my latest video ^^^^^^ about ed sheeran too

    URGENT FURY  2 hours ago +1

    Damn I was not ready for X in the intro

  • Scotty Knows Surf
    Scotty Knows Surf  3 hours ago

    How is that moron coming up with his phone. Disturbing the performance. Ay. Love the art

  • Tria Mellinia
    Tria Mellinia  8 hours ago

    Kodaline is singing it as clear as studio version one :"""

  • multidado76
    multidado76  14 hours ago


  • goqway pleese
    goqway pleese  yesterday

    bruv the ed sheeran one is literally britain

  • Young Nitro Tv
    Young Nitro Tv  2 days ago

    What song was the intro

  • Logan Totchek
    Logan Totchek  3 days ago

    John Legend is amazing

  • Erum Khan
    Erum Khan  3 days ago

    Ed Sheeran❤❤❤❤❤ just love

  • Nazirul Uchiha
    Nazirul Uchiha  5 days ago

    Anybody know what title of of opening of this video anybody?

  • Aryan Shetty
    Aryan Shetty  5 days ago

    Just love Shawn Mendes pitch...

  • daniel olateju
    daniel olateju  6 days ago

    ed sheeran and john legend rule all, i love you all

  • The Nub
    The Nub  6 days ago

    3:37 guy shouts enough

  • Xtremedoin
    Xtremedoin  6 days ago

    Damn not gonna lie but John legends voice is pretty common, nothing special really

  • Jason Boyd
    Jason Boyd  6 days ago

    John legend liberal piece of shit

  • buddz
    buddz  7 days ago

    glad ed made it ! hes soooooo good !

  • YgabbRiel Cabag
    YgabbRiel Cabag  7 days ago +6

    Ed starts rap

    *Eminem left the group

  • David Andrews
    David Andrews  7 days ago

    Stevie wonder looks cool with short hair

  • Shenanegen
    Shenanegen  7 days ago

    is this before they are famous?

  • NoPro
    NoPro  7 days ago

    There should be an unwritten rule that whenever anything like this happens one person gets assigned with videoing it with there phone and send everyone a copy rather than everyone just holding a phone up and missing what's going on right in front of them.