SCB XRP Announcement Soon! xRapid Partner Going Live This Month On XRP.

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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  • No Logic
    No Logic  5 months ago

    They retracted the message on twitter today.

  • m t
    m t  5 months ago

    Bearableguy123 mentioned June 7th June 10th in relation to moon dates it's on his image either tonight GMT or tomorrow expect movements, I see an uptrend to 14th June then profit taking

  • William Leather
    William Leather  5 months ago

    XRP . . . . We are Early to the Party . . .

  • Benzimah
    Benzimah  5 months ago

    false hopes equal false prophet

  • ET Still Here
    ET Still Here  5 months ago

    Hey Alex you doing charts bro lol.

  • Cromwell 1
    Cromwell 1  6 months ago

    I want to ask a question does any body know of any wall street investors that comment on these channels i dont mean the little office boy but a well known big investors.XRP ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.

  • Joe Jenkins
    Joe Jenkins  6 months ago

    Keep up the great content dude, remember though an engulfing candle has to have price go higher than the previous wick, which it hasn't I think we could see more down side to the 0.31 level again.

  • HARRY Chun
    HARRY Chun  6 months ago

    I've been listening to ur video from your very first one and have not missed a day to this day. Funny how you never liked TA in the beginning and big on making price predictions (e.g. $10 range by eoy 2018) and into BG123 then to now to TA everyday hating BG123. You have matured like xrp is maturing.

  • GamerZone
    GamerZone  6 months ago

    1. Your TA never has any fundamentals 2. You shouldn't even use TA since you are holding for the long term.

  • Graham Robson
    Graham Robson  6 months ago +7

    Alex Cobb The STAR XRP Youtuber and all round very nice young man. Stay true and shine bright Alex
    Great Job I am sure your Dad is very proud.

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor  6 months ago

    Due Diligence: Understanding XRP ~ How does a centralized system (Ripple -Rapid network) moving currency quickly add value to a XRP token? Do banks even use a XRP token to transfer or shift currency? I ask because I'm considering investing in XRP, but its unclear to me how an XRP token increases in value when banks use the platform.

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro  6 months ago

    To soon, we will go in 1-2 years to moon. The System isn t Ready for it yet. Would be foolish if they start this now.

  • MrBigman
    MrBigman  6 months ago +1

    Moon soon

  • HomeValue Glass
    HomeValue Glass  6 months ago +9

    Well now, precious metals able to be traded on dlt platforms = real storage of wealth, not this BTC replacing gold crap. And for BTC-maxis who are clueless, "DLT technology" is codeword for XRP. It's time to dump the chump (BTC), and hail to the king (XRP).

  • ET Still Here
    ET Still Here  6 months ago +2

    So this xrp link to gold value is a real thing ? So can i tell my boss to F off for sure this time ?

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan  6 months ago +5

    Alex “Golden Cross” Cobb

  • Josh Kruse
    Josh Kruse  6 months ago +19

    It will be nice when the price of XRP increases because of daily remittance volume.

  • Justin
    Justin  6 months ago

    Would the buy otc or on open market?

  • Persian 123
    Persian 123  6 months ago +2

    How good is this for xrp holders?

  • Tomislav Uroić
    Tomislav Uroić  6 months ago +4

    On every good news XRP is going