SCB XRP Announcement Soon! xRapid Partner Going Live This Month On XRP.

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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  • Hugh Hefner
    Hugh Hefner  2 months ago +26

    XRP will take off, prepare yourselves.

  • Josh Kruse
    Josh Kruse  2 months ago +19

    It will be nice when the price of XRP increases because of daily remittance volume.

  • Chris Dags
    Chris Dags  2 months ago +15

    MASSIVE [email protected] IMF director Christine Largade at 39.30 she says "We are keen to explore DLT for all purposes particularly in the fintech world and when it accelerates cross border payments"

  • Graham Robson
    Graham Robson  2 months ago +7

    Alex Cobb The STAR XRP Youtuber and all round very nice young man. Stay true and shine bright Alex
    Great Job I am sure your Dad is very proud.

  • HomeValue Glass
    HomeValue Glass  2 months ago +9

    Well now, precious metals able to be traded on dlt platforms = real storage of wealth, not this BTC replacing gold crap. And for BTC-maxis who are clueless, "DLT technology" is codeword for XRP. It's time to dump the chump (BTC), and hail to the king (XRP).

  • Josh Wall
    Josh Wall  2 months ago +12

    Awesome job! I watched the live stream as well and it seemed at one point she started a word with R but gathered herself and took a different thought. You can see her excitement when she talks about DLT. XRP is truly a sleeping giant.

  • Custom Evolved
    Custom Evolved  2 months ago +12

    Glad I bought my last stack of XRP today for a while. Things are looking bright for the future!

  • Dani Phoenix
    Dani Phoenix  2 months ago +16

    Christine Lagarde "The role of gold and silver and how it can be associated with DLT has not been explored,"
    "There is much more interest in that technology now, seperate and independant from Bitcoin and Ethereum and all the rest of them."

  • Joshua Symes
    Joshua Symes  2 months ago +11

    Amazing news from the IMF

  • Tony C Stark
    Tony C Stark  2 months ago +2

    I have no patience for this. If we can't send xrp to the moon,I'll do it myself. ughmm JARVIS!

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan  2 months ago +5

    Alex “Golden Cross” Cobb

  • H2Da Crypto
    H2Da Crypto  2 months ago

    Hey Alex you doing charts bro lol.

  • GamerZone
    GamerZone  2 months ago

    1. Your TA never has any fundamentals 2. You shouldn't even use TA since you are holding for the long term.

  • Joe Jenkins
    Joe Jenkins  2 months ago

    Keep up the great content dude, remember though an engulfing candle has to have price go higher than the previous wick, which it hasn't I think we could see more down side to the 0.31 level again.

  • Justin
    Justin  2 months ago

    Would the buy otc or on open market?

  • Prodigy Z
    Prodigy Z  2 months ago

    They retracted the message on twitter today.

  • MrBigman
    MrBigman  2 months ago +1

    Moon soon

  • Florian Ro
    Florian Ro  2 months ago +7

    BG123 says June...I sent you the video from WMC on twitter...The fact that bg123's latest picture was about raising a bar and Ripple published an article called "raising the bar" a few days ago makes me thinking that XRP will ->PROBABLY<- be pegged to Gold...I guess chances are 60%...I'm really exited about June!!!
    Have a nice day, Alex!

  • m t
    m t  2 months ago

    Bearableguy123 mentioned June 7th June 10th in relation to moon dates it's on his image either tonight GMT or tomorrow expect movements, I see an uptrend to 14th June then profit taking

  • William Leather
    William Leather  2 months ago

    XRP . . . . We are Early to the Party . . .