Meet The Press Cold Open - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0ut  6 months ago +1274

    I love seeing women play male Trump administration members. And how the hell does Kate McKinnon not break character? I'd be laughing like a maniac saying her lines.

  • Erica
    Erica  6 months ago +50

    Cecily is so underrated. She always plays her characters so well.

  • Gjovana Vuljaj
    Gjovana Vuljaj  6 months ago +325

    “If it’s small and looks funny, you need the money honey” LMAOOOO

  • wesley robinson
    wesley robinson  6 months ago +125

    Kenan has lost major weight! Good for you bud! :)

  • Jett Cord
    Jett Cord  6 months ago +44

    Kyle...good job. Glad to see him leading this sketch!

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +1069

    "Your Amazon package is on it's way" 😂😂😂

  • Neale Scott
    Neale Scott  6 months ago +109

    just give Kate her own show already

  • MasterOfOne
    MasterOfOne  6 months ago +18

    Kate McKinnon is too good for this show. She’s on a whole other level of comedy.

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone  6 months ago +7

    "if you choose too big, you'll fall over" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • ResidualSelfImage
    ResidualSelfImage  6 months ago +34

    Kate McKinnon does a bang up job as a creepy Wilbur Ross . Leslie Jones does a hilarious Donna Brazile comic support. Kenan Thompson delivers some great send ups as Eugene Robinson too.. Kyle Mooney has the easiest job of feeding the comics as the straight man.

  • fejic
    fejic  6 months ago +1206

    Kate plays old dudes so well

  • Noseey Kitty308
    Noseey Kitty308  6 months ago +31

    Small potatoes!
    Oils or precious minerals...!
    spills drink

  • nora robinson
    nora robinson  6 months ago +45

    I like Ms. Jones with the silver hair.

  • N Corp
    N Corp  6 months ago +38

    They need to have Aidy play more men characters ...SO good 😂

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker  6 months ago +16

    They even included Chuck Todd's frequent table-slapping.

  • Kevin Dube
    Kevin Dube  6 months ago +389

    Is it just me or have these bald-caps really advanced over the years 🤔

  • J C
    J C  6 months ago +19

    “If it’s small and looks funny, you better have the money honey”
    Best quote ever

  • July Her
    July Her  6 months ago +9

    we finally got to see more Kyle

  • Richard Pauli
    Richard Pauli  6 months ago +16

    Great satire! Thanks, The only thing missing are the advertising from Exxon and others in the carbon fuel industry

  • Mark Mower
    Mark Mower  6 months ago +6

    "But choose carefully, if you choose too big, you fall over. " Hahahaha!