Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper GT Part 5

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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  • The Paint Corrector
    The Paint Corrector  5 months ago +129

    Dude...this is no longer a rebuild. This is a complete remodel. One of the craziest.prjects I've seen on YouTube! Now can we get an Alex rebuilds and Goonzquad tandem?!

    RODZILLA  5 months ago +58

    Alex, the numbers on the axles are the bolt torqueing sequence. Dodge probably recommends torqueing them in steps, like 40lbs then 60lbs etc. Awesome work so far!

  • Glenn Polley
    Glenn Polley  5 months ago +42

    Alex, when you remove the wiring harness, take pictures and write on masking tape where things go.

  • michael mcnally
    michael mcnally  5 months ago +9

    Hi, noticed your doing a lot of kneeing down, cold cement floor even with a mat under your knees, do yourself a favour get some knee pads as a a young man you don't worry about such things but as an old guy know my knees are fxxxxd due to doing exactly the same as you, IT GETS YOU LATER ON IN LIFE trust me!!!!!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy  5 months ago +33

    Proper dog placement is vital for a rebuild.

  • No Limit Brian
    No Limit Brian  5 months ago +24

    engine mounts are design to break off and drop the engine to the floor on purpose. because there has been accidents where the engine literally went in the cabin past the fire wall. so now the mounts break off and the engines go under the car. way safer.

    AUTO REHAB  5 months ago +16

    I see you bro 💪💪. Them late nights paying off. Your build is making my lotus look like a breeze lol

  • Murcieme
    Murcieme  5 months ago +1

    Hey Alex, I just want to say I am really enjoying this build, this is a great project. Great job.

  • Favored One
    Favored One  5 months ago +3

    "in case anyone is wondering how to take a viper engine off.." like other people are crazy enough to take an engine off or rebuild a viper 😂

  • German_shepherd_dog
    German_shepherd_dog  5 months ago +1

    By the way, love your videos!
    Also idk if I posted this twice or not

  • Tony Busch
    Tony Busch  5 months ago +6

    puttin in that work!! your killin it bro, nice job. love the viper videos. keep pushin.....hello from buffalo ny

  • Michael Burleson
    Michael Burleson  5 months ago

    You are killing it Alex!! Congratulations on being the first channel I have ever hit the "Notification" button for. I can not wait for the next video. Just awesome.

  • David Platt
    David Platt  5 months ago +3

    So, one guy is going to completely, totally deconstruct this vehicle and then completely, totally reconstruct the same vehicle to offer it up for sale. Yeah, I'm impressed. Looking forward to the end result, the eventual numbers in particular. Wrench on!

  • Kaan Acurol
    Kaan Acurol  5 months ago

    Hi Alex,
    I'm following you from Turkey and respect you. I watched your all videos. You doing awesome job! You rebuild the cars and made videos instant. Respect MAN! Keep going! Arthur Tussik and you are my favorites.

  • Frank Del Favero
    Frank Del Favero  5 months ago

    You are A very talented guy. Cool and confident in whatever you do. You are an inspiration. Your work and your videos are top shelf !

  • eddie watson
    eddie watson  5 months ago +1

    need to change its name from viper to the alex VP

  • Cody Landreth
    Cody Landreth  5 months ago

    Alex, Your videos are awesome!! I appreciate the fact you will tackle any project. This job here is a massive under taking. I am very impressed with your drive to do these jobs. I look forward to your videos. Keep up the great work!!! and, kudos to your frame guy and painter also.

  • Ante Galic
    Ante Galic  5 months ago

    Always happy when I see a new Video, thank you Alex 👌💪💪

  • ger moua
    ger moua  5 months ago

    I give it up to you! You doing all this mostly by yourself and you put out a lot of content quickly. I wanna see you and goonzquad team up on a build.

  • Unknown Grave
    Unknown Grave  5 months ago

    Alex..good work.iwil .keep watching to see the results. Thz