Red Hot Chili Peppers | On The Record

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2012
  • Toure interviews the Red Hot Chili Peppers about the album, band chages, Hillel Slovak's death, different eras of the band, and more.


  • Willscarp  3 years ago

    People are so darn mean to new band members. Let Josh be who he is. He was good enough for them to like him. I would be shy too if I had to get in front of all you angry jerks.

  • humanman1  15 days ago

    Jordan Ashby Dave was good! He just wasn’t a great for a funk band (Aeroplane was one where Dave did some funk riffs he KILLED IT)

  • Parents Basement  3 months ago

    Could you imagine being thrown into the world of a high level rock band i can bullshit with the best of them but one day your standing in background doing your thing not much if any interviews and boom your into the bright lights

  • Mason Hendrix  2 years ago

    John FruscianteJohn FrusciantJohn FruscianJohn FrusciaJohn FrusciJohn FruscJohn FrusJohn FruJohn FrJohn FJohnJohJoJJoJosJoshJosh KJosh KlJosh KliJosh KlinJosh KlingJosh KlinghJosh KlinghoJosh KlinghofJosh KlinghoffJosh KlinghoffeJosh Klinghoffer

  • Dalton Tomkins  2 months ago

    This is one of my favourite comments I love both of them guitarists and when I first saw this comment I thought just another john fan and then I read more and I saw josh’s name and I knew this was a true rhcp fan 🤘

  • ilya chigrin  3 months ago

    dude you are nuts

  • olivesaregreat  2 years ago

    Josh is the cutest human I've come across.

  • Mike Estrada  4 months ago

    FYI ft

  • Dr. Zhivago  2 years ago

    olivesaregreat I hope you asked permission before you came.

  • Diego Pellecer  3 years ago

    I think the interviewer didn't realize that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were in front of him. Very weird dude.

  • Heins Snieh  1 years ago

    He said "it´s been awesome" so he did.

  • Phil Akre  5 years ago

    When the interviewer says, "... and then Hillel dies. " "How do you feel?" I really feel that this is not an appropriate question to ask. You can see from Anthony's reaction , he doesn't really even know how to react. It is such a personal question that I feel only Flea and Anthony can relate to about.

  • gala panuga  2 months ago

    how we want to know their feel if we do not ask for it

  • Sammy  1 years ago

    I wish they'd stop asking about Hillel, tbh. There are enough interviews out there that answer all those questions. It's rude and gratuitous to keep grilling Anthony and Flea about him.

  • Alex McGuire  2 years ago

    Josh seems really shy and it's so adorable haha

  • Jackie T  8 months ago

    Relax clown

  • eutonys  1 years ago

    Alex McGuire your profile omg I love you hahaha

  • stadioarcadio  3 years ago

    1985: how did you get George Clinton to produce your album?We called him on the phone.2011: How did you get Damian Hirst to design your cover?We called him on the phone.

  • stadioarcadio  3 years ago

    don't... the memory is still too fresh. :(

  • Nouser name_1337  3 years ago

    +nonnanevrotica How John quit the band. He called them on the phone..

  • cyberathlete  3 years ago

    Man the interviewer just focused on Flea and Anthony the entire time and in the end threw a generic repeatedly asked question to Chad. You could sense Chad's frustration by his sarcasm. Chad was probably thinking the entire time wtf am I doing here and why is he asking the shitty questions to me.

  • Fercho P C  5 years ago

    That interviewer is out of place. Stupid questions.

  • Dbone 99  2 years ago

    Can we all just be happy Flea is still here?