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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2018
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  • Jenn_Nic_Bee
    Jenn_Nic_Bee  10 months ago +1260

    “Hey look there is Lauren! I use to date her!! Hi Lauren!! You look great 👍!!” - Alex Wassabi 2018

  • 00juls00
    00juls00  10 months ago +254

    “Oh hey it’s Lauren. I used to date her. Hey Lauren, you’re doing great. You look amazing.”
    I’m not crying...YOU’RE crying. 😭

  • Dog and DIY Lover
    Dog and DIY Lover  10 months ago +432

    Hey it’s Lauren. I used to date her -ALEX WASSCHUBBI

  • Nora Carrion
    Nora Carrion  10 months ago +255

    Is it just me or has Alex changed a little since him and Lauren broke up

  • Toilet Paper
    Toilet Paper  10 months ago +239

    I’m pooping all the time
    I’m pooping right now - Alex Wassabi

  • Anne Clearwater
    Anne Clearwater  10 months ago +405

    I'm pooping all the time. I'm pooping right now. - Alex Wassabi
    Me:*trying not to bust out laughing in the library*

  • Sexy Rexy!!
    Sexy Rexy!!  10 months ago +252

    8:46 aww I love the part when Alex reunited with Roi!! Thanks for all the likes!!🤣😙☺️

  • Kc_Trash
    Kc_Trash  10 months ago +97

    “It’s Lauren I used to date her”
    “Lauren your look amazing” awhhh alexxx is the nicest person evr

  • Abb_ y5
    Abb_ y5  10 months ago +89

    I feel Lauren does not care as much about Alex yet i feel Alex still loves her.

  • Stacy Rodriguez
    Stacy Rodriguez  10 months ago +372

    i get so happy when you and roi are together

  • Indy B
    Indy B  9 months ago +216

    "Its lauren! I used to date her" 11:05 i love how cool they are about Everything

  • gloria yaneui
    gloria yaneui  10 months ago +90

    After break up:
    Gets tattoo
    Writes will
    Gets cupping

  • Armita Soleymani
    Armita Soleymani  10 months ago +85

    Lol people look at Aaron at 9:07 his face tho

  • Ari M
    Ari M  10 months ago +26

    11:22 Roni and Aaron are so cute 😍 Are they dating yet lol bc if not I shippp

  • Kimberlyquake
    Kimberlyquake  10 months ago +185

    I feel like lauren is ignoring alex
    EDIT: i clearly stated I. Its my personel opionion. Plz dont hate on my comment. I am NOT spreading rumors. I am just a curios kid. I am just curios to why they unfollowed each other but it might be they just need space. :)

  • RSRR Studios
    RSRR Studios  10 months ago +27

    I used to date her!! Ugh my heart 💔
    Laurex isn’t sleeping

  • Jasmin Hermosillo
    Jasmin Hermosillo  10 months ago +52

    Awww that's so sweet that he still supporting her❤️💜

  • Grainne Molloy
    Grainne Molloy  10 months ago +53

    Every time I see the googly eyes I start laughing.....I'm weird

  • not Maureen
    not Maureen  10 months ago +11

    Alex:“It’s Lauren I use to date her”
    Me: my heart hurts

  • Alexis Kendall
    Alexis Kendall  10 months ago +12

    Him “talking to Lauren” just killed me a little bit