Rosenberg Admits He Was WRONG About Lil' Nas X & 'Old Town Road' Being 'OVER'

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • After the release of the '7' EP, and Lil Nas X's performance at the BET Awards last night, Rosenberg admits he was wrong about "Old Town Road" being over.

    We also discuss Americans dying during trips to Dominican Republic, and lawyer Sarah Fabian who argued that kids don't need basic needs such as soap and a toothbrush for their everyday needs during the Congratulations You Played Yourself segment.

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  • Chris Sandford
    Chris Sandford  2 months ago

    what the hell is wrong with their audio?

  • Solo Romero
    Solo Romero  6 months ago

    How about feeding all those homeless hungry people in California sleeping on the streets; and police arresting people for trying to feed them!!!

  • WW 2323
    WW 2323  6 months ago

    People shouldn't be coming to America illegally in the first place.

  • Marc Green
    Marc Green  6 months ago

    The hip hop game iz all messed up these dayz wtf,happened real niggaz STANDUP

  • TheSpokenWizard
    TheSpokenWizard  6 months ago

    Why they acting like people crossing the border illegally are supposed to have a red carpet laid out for them with all the amenities?! Whos supposed to provide all of that?

  • J DS
    J DS  6 months ago

    The name rosenberg ALONE says he's no expert on Lil Nas X so stfu forever!!!!

  • A. RJ
    A. RJ  7 months ago

    Have a 3 letter word for this clown and it rhymes with tag.

  • Tiggertron
    Tiggertron  7 months ago +2

    Is it me or is their volume extra low after the intro?😕

  • Deronne Kincaid
    Deronne Kincaid  7 months ago

    Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 DR
    Man it’s sad 😢 that people are dying over there they need to get it together 🙏🏾 praying 🙏🏾 for Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Cause it’s hurts me to see this on the news and all

  • Shaipae East
    Shaipae East  7 months ago

    They need basic needs. But listen, every South American , Caribbean country does not want illegal immigrants. They will tell you.

  • Tamyra
    Tamyra  7 months ago +2

    Thanks for putting that VERY IMPORTANT information at the beginning of the video!

  • Ali Davis
    Ali Davis  7 months ago

    Little naz x should write a new song with bars for all those n sayers who were showing him hate and a special bar for roseburg

  • Tone Blue
    Tone Blue  7 months ago +1

    im mad at any and everyone who made that old town road popular

  • Angry Oldhead
    Angry Oldhead  7 months ago

    Rosenberg is that one person that knows just enough about the culture to have a slight opinion. Then he makes assumptions with everything else and talks too damn much and proves why he isn’t as down as he says he is. Budden was right. Joe usually just an angry oldhead.

  • Rae S
    Rae S  7 months ago +1

    Who is Rosenberg? I only know Ebro 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • BankBoy LightsOuT
    BankBoy LightsOuT  7 months ago

    When is he right?

  • Dabbed Out Media
    Dabbed Out Media  7 months ago

    Every time we one of you industry ppl says something bad about lil nas x ppl go streaming his music. The people chose him.

  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes  7 months ago

    Just came here to hear Rosenberg admit hes wrong. Don't care what its about.

  • universe 86
    universe 86  7 months ago

    mark rosenberg also was wrong to think wwe actually cared about him. he deserved it cause he sold out just to watch wrestlemania from a different angle.

  • UCR_Jazzari Taylor
    UCR_Jazzari Taylor  7 months ago

    It’s here to stay