BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
  • #BLACKPINK stopped by the studio to talk #KillThisLove , #Coachella , and how they formed!For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► to the Podcast ►► us:Twitter ►► ►► ►► ►►


  • Ading Jen
    Ading Jen  3 months ago +10968

    English Skills
    Jisoo: Can understand but can't speak it fluently
    Lisa: Fluent but not confident
    Jennie: Fluent but doesn't talk that much
    Rosé: sO mAte, wHaT iS tHe fUcKinG QuEsTiOn?

  • CultOfPersonality091
    CultOfPersonality091  2 months ago +2264

    So basically these are their English accents...
    Lisa: American Accent
    Jisoo: Korean English Accent
    Jennie: NZ Accent
    Rosé: Aussie Accent

  • Haikal Ash
    Haikal Ash  3 months ago +3549

    Zach : Hi Jisoo how r you
    Jisoo : im fine
    My heart melt so fast

  • Syd Tab
    Syd Tab  3 months ago +2030

    Expectation: Your Dad wants you to pursue singing.
    Reality: He just wants to sleep peacefully.

  • yourfavdoll Z
    yourfavdoll Z  4 months ago +6997

    kpop singers: it was my dream to be a kpop star since i was young!
    Rosé: so basically my dad kick me out because he was tired of my singing

  • lunathemoon
    lunathemoon  3 months ago +3614

    This guy is an awesome interviewer. I'm so glad he made all members feel included.

  • Dwi Anjar Wijayanto
    Dwi Anjar Wijayanto  4 months ago +3836

    Jisoo :
    Thats it.
    Im in love with her.

  • carla carol
    carla carol  3 months ago +1673

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Zach to Lisa: BEAUTIFUL !!!

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R  3 months ago +1230

    Rosie can talk to me all day and I wouldn't get bored. I need to hear that smooth voice 24/7. 😌

  • Y Y
    Y Y  4 months ago +8453

    The best american interviewer
    I remember when he interviewed bts as well, he did so much research and asked interesting questions. Same as blackpink, zach had questions no other interviewer had asked. I love this man.

  • Stella C
    Stella C  4 months ago +3482

    Lisa's english sounds so clear and easy to hear. She should speak more,i like her attitude where the fact that she is not afraid to ask the words where she don't know,and jisoo i love her voice and i am proud where she don't hesitate to speak korean her native language,it is so unique of her!!!... And Rosê and jennie,their english is fluent and beautiful. I just love how they support each other... proud to be blink... and A very congratulations to blackpink.. I love you all. 🖤💗

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R  3 months ago +1105

    Rosie is lowkey a comedian. Period. 😂😆

  • vinniwa u
    vinniwa u  3 months ago +792

    It felt so awkward when Zach asked them about the writing process and nobody knew what to say.Yg should really stop being a sexist pig and let them be involved in the writing process so they know what to say about their songs.

  • josy cerlin
    josy cerlin  3 months ago +1137

    Who else wants to hear Lisa😍😍😍 speak more in interviews?

  • Lizkook theory’s
    Lizkook theory’s  1 months ago +242

    Zach:what color is your hair
    Lisa:ash brown
    Zach :either way it’s beatifiul
    Me :he was low key flirting

    KILL THIS EARTH  3 months ago +425

    Lisa : " I don't know maybe someone just followed me "
    What a savage Queen Maknae 👑💘😂

  • aesthtcbangtan
    aesthtcbangtan  3 months ago +413

    Jennie was 10 when she lived by herself?! I’m 15 and still miss my parents next to my room😂
    I stan an independent girl

  • Ult Daebak
    Ult Daebak  3 months ago +440

    Dan: “Is that the song where it says middle finger up F u baby”
    Jennie: “That is my favorite part”
    Lisa: “Yup that is my part😬”
    Jisoo: laughing
    Rosé: “We had to change it up a little bit for the public”

  • nini 06
    nini 06  4 months ago +6787

    Thank u ROSÉ's dad for being sick of your baby singin and playing the piano at 12midnight and throwing her to a yg audition lol😂😂😂

  • Cotton Kendy
    Cotton Kendy  3 months ago +654

    i love Rose's Aussie accent! thanks for this interview, i learn a lot about them