Made For (lyrics) by Why Don't We

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 21, 2017
  • A song off their new EP (sorry if some of the lyrics are wrong)

    Something Different - EP by Why Don't We

    Color coded lyrics:
    Corbyn Besson - red
    Jack Avery - yellow
    Zach Herron - orange
    Daniel Seavey - green
    Jonah Marais - blue

    Social medias :
    YouTube - Why Don't We
    Instagram and twitter - @ whydontwemusic


  • Katlynn Barnett
    Katlynn Barnett  7 days ago

    Why did Logan Paul try to take credit for these bois smh

  • Analia Rivera
    Analia Rivera  14 days ago

    Last day of school went like this... I was blasting wdw music on my loud ass speaker then got on a table and started singing wdw then I slipped off a the table... Didn't break the table tho so... Jonah I will not disappoint you

  • Pracica Chellappan

    We love them cause they're so incredibly talented...the good looks is just a bonus 💓

  • Pup Love
    Pup Love  28 days ago +2

    Is anyone else still here after seeing all of their butts running through the desert?
    Just me?
    Alrighty then.

  • Blauwtje_and _chev
    Blauwtje_and _chev  1 months ago

    i feel like i’m the only one who’s fav wdw song is made for

  • Ilaria Diaz
    Ilaria Diaz  1 months ago +1

    2019? Anyone?

  • jack avery
    jack avery  1 months ago +1

    I love you Jack Avery... Soooo .much

  • Caevti
    Caevti  1 months ago +1

    This is the BEST why don't we song to this date. Maybe just in my opinion but this message is captivating. 💖

  • Fazekas Eszter
    Fazekas Eszter  1 months ago

    Im lowkey highkey crying rightnow....

  • Rana C
    Rana C  1 months ago +1


  • Magic Unicorn
    Magic Unicorn  1 months ago +1

    Still in love with this song😍

  • Art Gelico
    Art Gelico  1 months ago +1

    one of my favorite song of them

  • Zunysha Umair
    Zunysha Umair  1 months ago

    Jack's vocals in the end killed me. Like are u boys even humans?!

  • donut seavey
    donut seavey  1 months ago

    This was the first song I ever heard from them I found this video from logan paul 😂

  • veda muralidhar
    veda muralidhar  1 months ago +2

    I know its really late but....why do I cry every time I listen this this song?
    is it just me??????????

  • Choco Isha
    Choco Isha  1 months ago +1


  • Wella Beyer
    Wella Beyer  2 months ago +2


  • Bella Barrett
    Bella Barrett  2 months ago

    is it just me or is 0:13 me when my mom is driving

  • Kenzie Curry
    Kenzie Curry  2 months ago +1

    My heart is made for breaking because all my crushes didn't like me. I even tried to change myself. When I did I noticed he wasn't worth it. Don't let no one break you heart.

  • Shawna rosell
    Shawna rosell  3 months ago +1

    biggest fan ever in 2019