Auction Time!! Copart let me DRIVE in the Lot!! Let's BID!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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  • Jeff Jones  1 years ago

    What a lot people don’t know is that all of those vehicles are from insurance companies that they pick up from Towing companies I work for a impound company in Edmond a lot of our vehicles go to copart

  • True, many are. Many are not insurance at all. Lots of dealers / re-builders / re-marketing companies / banks (repo) also dump them off here

  • Craig Catapano  1 years ago

    I love these Copart videos. Feel like I'm shopping with you. Please take us there next week.Don't worry, you'll find another corvette soon.Videos are so much better this way.Bidding was fun too.

  • I'll make this a weekly video as long as I'm free :)

  • Doug Mammaro  4 months ago

    This is how I feel when I lose on ebay on certain things I want.

  • Flippin Chicago  1 years ago

    Could've fix the first Vette. 😁

  • LOL

  • Billy Williams  6 months ago

    It's cool to watch someone from my home state I just found out about this guy

  • Dystar 924  8 months ago

    "Mom has crashed with my sticker 🔛, we don't live in Detroit, Oklahoma isn't in the District of Columbia, not anymore, it was so empty without me..." 🌁♨️😋

  • AutoMotoCha9L  1 years ago

    Very informative a lot to learn.

  • Thanks!

  • Venture Electronics  9 months ago

    you do have great videos. I really appreciate the time you put in.

  • ddemier ddemier  1 years ago

    Love these videos at the auction. Show us what you see at the auction and what you can't see on the computer.

  • I sure will! Thank you.

  • DC Vic  1 years ago

    Oh how I wish driving could be that instantaneous!

  • Me too!