Auction Time!! Copart let me DRIVE in the Lot!! Let's BID!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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  • jhrsmail
    jhrsmail  21 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos. Did you get dealers license to bid, or you use a broker? Thx James

  • Eric Keenan
    Eric Keenan  1 months ago

    Bernie! Ha...Socialism...someone else will take care of your personal responsibility. Buy a car and the government will pay it off. LEAVE IT ALONE.

  • Rideshare Lisa
    Rideshare Lisa  1 months ago

    This just come after watching today’s video. (Thursday!! ) I’m just wondering if this channel start after Uber? UM to Auto Auction Rebuilds??? 👍

  • jaime rivera
    jaime rivera  3 months ago

    Enhanced mechanical salvage exempt. STAYE AWAY.

  • jaime rivera
    jaime rivera  3 months ago

    If ur not buying these cars and able to sell it around half of retail after u fix it ur bidding too high

  • jaime rivera
    jaime rivera  3 months ago

    Fiesta and avenger was horrible deals... u need to look at different states...

  • Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett  3 months ago

    Bette took a HARD hit. Looked like an off road attempt gone wild. Loved watching THIS!!!!
    Thanks for the education.... YOU WIN!!!!!!!!

  • Salam Khaled
    Salam Khaled  3 months ago


  • Jack Pinnell
    Jack Pinnell  4 months ago

    You are producing some AWESOME videos!!! Thanks for taking me with you to COPART yard and showing me EVERYTHING you touched on the Corvette! Again...AWESOME videos!!!

  • Dylan Dixon
    Dylan Dixon  4 months ago

    The rear damage on the C5 Corvette was the lower control arm the little part that was rounded on the floor board was the lower ball joint frame housing. If you look at your own video you can see the control arm is sitting on the wheel. I just checked ebay and found a lower control arm for that car for $27.00 with free shipping. And the tie rod could have been heated with acetylene torch and easily straightened and a new set of brake rotors drilled and slotted are only $57 dollars. New front bumper cover $500. You blew it on that one BIG TIME!

  • Alex Schwindt
    Alex Schwindt  5 months ago

    Did anybody hear a sound at 4:41 ?

  • Barry Thacker
    Barry Thacker  5 months ago

    Final bid winners is good content show more. I like low mile cars that are old and cheap i try to stay under 120,000 miles.

  • Paranormal Discovery

    I’ve been watching your copart videos for a while, I’ve rebuilt many a vehicles over the years and am ASE certified. I also drive for UBER and LYFT, I’m currently unable to work due to work related injuries but I’m going to be doing some copart buys this week. Just realized we’re about 120 miles apart from one another😂 we may run in to one another one day.

  • Doug Mammaro
    Doug Mammaro  7 months ago

    This is how I feel when I lose on ebay on certain things I want.

  • Doug Mammaro
    Doug Mammaro  7 months ago

    I looked at a Ford Taurus like this when new & this car is safe or has safety feature such as if hit from front the engu engine would drop down vs going into the cabin.

  • Malik ElcoSS454
    Malik ElcoSS454  8 months ago

    2:38 wonder is that Corvair still there

  • Maligant Moose
    Maligant Moose  8 months ago

    I wonder if that Ford with the blown bags got the bumper caught reversing on a parking dummy, and triggered the impact sensors. It’s a low front end. Probably an idiot owner.

  • Damon Weathers
    Damon Weathers  9 months ago

    I go on copart no license needed and still I can't bid wtf is up!!!???

  • Savage Fix N' Flips
    Savage Fix N' Flips  9 months ago

    Randy do you flip the cars or rent them out?

  • lIlllIIlllIlIIz z
    lIlllIIlllIlIIz z  9 months ago