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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 9, 2018
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  • Cassie Little
    Cassie Little  a years ago +93

    You should do a natural hair color into a ombré lavender
    Even though you look good in everything!!

  • Ivy_ Toons
    Ivy_ Toons  a years ago +45

    Blonde Fading To Either Purple Or Lavander

  • The Crackhouse
    The Crackhouse  a years ago +28

    Blonde to lavender or blonde to rose gold

  • Gacha ETHEL
    Gacha ETHEL  a years ago +53

    Blond fade img too blue

  • Sydney Bass
    Sydney Bass  a years ago +11

    Stay brown!! I think it makes you look more mature!

  • olivia regs
    olivia regs  a years ago +94

    Purple ombré into lavender (like if you agree and want her to). 💕🤷‍♀️🔥😍

  • M Louise
    M Louise  a years ago +129

    Blue faded into Lavender!!

  • Katelynn Wesse
    Katelynn Wesse  a years ago +53

    Teal or lavender

  • TwitZ Roll
    TwitZ Roll  a years ago +9

    8:57 that moment when you live in Canada........

  • jaydene bornmann
    jaydene bornmann  a years ago +11

    Blond , purple and blue plz it would look
    So good but its also your choice its your hair 💜your awesome no mather what your next hair colour might be you're still the best

  • Anonymous Meraki
    Anonymous Meraki  a years ago +231

    i think you should stay brown. it's adorable. you have a youthful, natural glow about you, and i like it best. it's got a hint of nostalgia from years ago, but is also sort of modern and classy.

  • Joyce Nishimwe
    Joyce Nishimwe  a years ago +11


  • ythatgamer
    ythatgamer  a years ago +3

    Blonde that fades into lavender or peach. LY Lauren <3

  • Ava Diy
    Ava Diy  a years ago +6

    I think u should do a light lavender pastel pink thing

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope  a years ago +5

    I got chills when I heard the Queen Ari

  • Ebonie Sheales
    Ebonie Sheales  a years ago +104

    Brunette to rose gold to pink

  • Daniela Vega
    Daniela Vega  a years ago +7

    Can u do like blue tips plz

  • Mya Brock
    Mya Brock  a years ago +4

    3:02 HERR DARE SHIRT!!!!! I graduate D.A.R.E Friday!

  • Sophie O Brien
    Sophie O Brien  a years ago +2

    It would be really nice if it was blue at the end of ur hair😂😂

  • Aairah Rizvi
    Aairah Rizvi  a years ago +3

    PLZ do turquoise! It's my favorite color. I love you LaurDIY!