Mac Miller - Hurt Feelings (Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • Mr. 폴  10 months ago

    I'm just going to spend the whole day listening to all his songs.

  • Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca  14 hours ago

    I've been on him for a week straight now~ repeat replay over and over

  • Kidd Compton  yesterday

    Me right now... Rest easy Mac!🙌

  • Oliver Moore  5 months ago

    He should have won not cardi B

  • 107660 107660  2 days ago

    @PC Callum true dat cuhz!!

  • Hunter -  4 days ago

    @Tone Deaf imagine defending Cardi B lmao

  • La FlameNeverdies  8 months ago

    After a month your hype has died down but the real fans will always be here RIP Mac <3

  • Enrique Sanchez  22 hours ago

    I listen to this album once a day

  • Eric Danson  6 days ago

    La FlameNeverdies I still cry over this man. He was more than family to many of us and he always will be

  • Hank Hill  9 months ago

    "My eyes are getting bigger so the world is getting smaller".. When he's high is when the weight of the world fades away for him. His pupils get bigger, while the world's problems don't seem so heavy all a sudden.

  • ocelot hayes There is an expensive strain of rapper weed called jet fuel. Nobody but poor folks fuck with pcp.

  • That Guy  22 days ago

    @Tom 93 all the options without the freedom

  • Naama Loll  9 months ago

    He was hurting so badly. This whole album is like one big suicide note. 💔

  • Isaac Panfilo  13 days ago

    @MC34 Sebastian dic. You sound dumb af lil nigga.

  • dankesthours182  16 days ago


  • dragonjauregui  1 months ago

    “Mom, why do the best people die?”“When you’re in a garden, which flowers do you pick?”“The most beautiful ones.”– UnknownRip ❤🥀

  • Moon Child90  21 days ago

    Nature years old✨

  • dragonjauregui  25 days ago

    @dB Music Group sksks i totally forgot i ever commented this

  • Larry Madigan  6 months ago

    Mac left us with some shit to smoke to for years n years.. 🔥 RIP To a Legend #MacMiller

  • LiL MARS  1 months ago

    On point this derserve 5k

  • Chris Martin  1 months ago

    Larry Madigan I’ve started every smoke sesh to this song for the past 4 months. Still not old. Kinda the best song ever made

  • Victor Diaz  3 months ago

    The real Grammy award winner. R.I.P Mac ❤️🙏🏻

  • LBPUnderground  3 months ago

    RIP Were still bumpin this down king

  • Jerry B  15 days ago

    4L 👑

  • sacred steezz  1 months ago

    Till im gone.

  • Andre Vicente  8 months ago

    YeahYeah, yeahYeah, yeahYeah, yeahYeah, yeahWell, okayI'm always sayin' I won't change butI ain't the sameEverything is different, I can't complainDon't know what you missin'Shame on youYeah, yeah, yeahShame on youEverything is strange, that's just a gameEverybody trippin', throwin' it awayWe was getting lifted, now we getting paidShame on youI pay the cost to see apostrophesThat means it's mine, keep to myself, taking my timeAlways into some bullshit, and out of lineDriving with ...

  • Svedkastyx1776  27 days ago

    Same on you

  • Andre Vicente  1 months ago

    @[original Name] some people (like me) weren't born in the usa and English isn't their native language, so some music's we have trouble to understand everything he's saying without the lyrics