Why Some Women End Up With THe Life They Do Not Want

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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    WINSPIRATION 4 ALL  6 months ago +368

    "Dusties dwelleth in the house of a woman that hath no vision" (Levelations 3:15) 🤣

  • M Bean
    M Bean  6 months ago +158

    A lot of guys want to be chased nowadays. It’s so annoying. I refuse.

  • Shamika Parker
    Shamika Parker  6 months ago +230

    I raised my standards and don’t entertain the dusties and now I’m “secretly gay” because I don’t settle.....according to my “bob the builder” cousin.

  • Adrianna M.
    Adrianna M.  6 months ago +228

    Just imagine if ALL women thought like her. Men would be eating out of the palms of women hands🤣🤣

  • kat woman
    kat woman  6 months ago +154

    It crazy how much I'm hearing women say they did everything for a man. Dang that's why the power is shifting to men having all the options. Ladies STOP doing the most!

  • Telletell
    Telletell  6 months ago +164

    I think a lot of people want somebody so bad, and it supersedes their standards. They say they have standards all day until they come home to that bed, alone. They want romance, they want love, a “bond,” they want that lovey dovey ish (none of which majority of men will provide over a long term, but they don’t get it lol). You have to want your standards MORE. Period.

  • Candy Heart
    Candy Heart  6 months ago +49

    Been watching you lately and working on my level up. I have thyroid but I’m getting it taken care of, on weight loss pills. Down 15 so far! Wearing my wigs again, making sure I’m dressing nicely and not being in my pjs when he gets home, and being a bit more mysterious. I’m getting much more out of life lately. I’m already married but my husband is catching on and doing more for me! Getting me an SUV, taking me out to nice dinners, doing home renovations, and giving me cash without me asking even though I have a job. He’s been interviewing with different companies even though what he does already covers our bills, just wanting to get the best he can. I was already married when I came across your content but figured your advice wouldn’t hurt my marriage. I never had the guts to make expensive suggestions or put myself first but I’m all about it now lol

  • Monica R
    Monica R  6 months ago +76

    "Getting approval from someone that does not reach my standards" that really hit home.

  • CactusBB Vegas
    CactusBB Vegas  6 months ago +111

    Ladies stop wearing those "dusty" leggings & it will keep the dusty men away

  • I'm all about my money
    I'm all about my money  6 months ago +94

    I am the creator of my own destiny.

  • Meniker Santos
    Meniker Santos  6 months ago +86

    Is so true I always had a plan for how to get a job, pay my bills and never had a plan for the type of relationship I wanted. in fact I never knew what I wanted only now that I know I see it all makes sense they were choosing me to sort their life out and I was always falling for it

  • Gianna Madeline
    Gianna Madeline  6 months ago +28

    Everyday is valentines day when you got the right one 🙌

  • Enyatta Landreaux
    Enyatta Landreaux  6 months ago +28

    Ladies settle with dusties or bum men because they become desperate or overwhelmed. Been there done that and it's really far from worth it! I'm back single and loving it, I rather be single than settle for a bum.

  • Shayvideos1
    Shayvideos1  6 months ago +28

    Not trying to knock anyone but I just don't get it when aome women say" he disrespected me" should I call him back or what if he doesn't call me back? That's silly..

    FIRE SIGN  6 months ago +53

    "EAT Less!..Exercise MORE!....Drink Plenty Water *(PH Water's 9.5 are Best!) And Walk on the Treadmill 30 Minutes a Day"
    Or Walk Outside" Yes You Are CORRECT! 👍👍
    P.s. Folks.....They have Plenty of Videos and Books Titled: "WALK!... THE WEIGHT OFF ! 😊

  • Veronica241971 Francis
    Veronica241971 Francis  6 months ago +20

    I feel too many people settle for less than they deserve and need to stop living for society. I have no friends because I've leveled up my life. I agree about not having friends until your where u wanna be thanks.

  • fareedamariam
    fareedamariam  6 months ago +76

    "Begin with the end in mind"

  • Mai Passion Tarot
    Mai Passion Tarot  6 months ago +66

    SheRa can you do a video on single mothers raising daughters without fathers so that they can become emotionally stable women who are not trying to look for a man to fill a emotional void from not having a father in their life? Thank you

  • issy O
    issy O  6 months ago +68

    Enough said,I thank god that I am wise and smart now and will ever be, your videos are amazing , I was helping helping a clown ass man not anymore, I deserve, wealth goodness and prosperity and I’m attracting it. I won’t settle — it’s only dust that settles. You are amazing. Straightforward and beautiful. Blessings. I’m good now

  • Aureli Silva
    Aureli Silva  6 months ago +85

    No one told me anything like you have in almost 2 decades of my life. I'm in my mid/late thirties now. All I heard from my (now after realizing the term "dusty") family and friends were cliche things like: "You're young, you have PLENTY of time, so relax", "Everything will work out and you'll be fine", "Oh don't worry, just have patience", "Stay positive", "He'll change his bad behavior if he loves you!", "You were too good for him," "You should be proving yourself to him so that he doesn't leave you by you not trying to make him happy." and on and on and on. And JUST LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN SAYING. The dusty guys LEFT ME! I bent over backwards for them and they were SO undeserving! I truly did not know any better. I was so unaware of the behavior on their part and also unaware of how my own behavior was playing a part. Aside from all the talk/conversation, equally important were all the nonverbal messages and how men understand things in a whole other way. They do NOT care about feelings whatsoever, even though they tell you they do. My emotions are strong because I have too big of a heart and I get emotionally invested, so I'm working very hard on that. But men really are sharks and only trying to climb up on every woman to get to the top (to get to the woman they eventually end up with who is a 50/50 pick me). I was dumped because I refused to do something I didn't want to do (quit the part-time work I ENJOY doing to instead get a 9-5 job I knew I'd hate just to PULL MY OWN WEIGHT as he'd insist me to do). Hell no. I'm glad the trash took itself out. Until recently, I didn't have a solid plan. I listened to other people say "Take it slow, just take things one step at a time", common cliches and I followed my heart. HORRIBLE DECISION. And this happened several times. Well, now I'm out of time (at least that's how I feel). I've only been able to realize this hard reality and have made solid changes in my mentality BECAUSE OF YOUR VIDEOS. I've read many self-help books through the years, but they still weren't good enough compared to your knowledge COMBINED with what you say in the other channel. I am so thankful I woke up! I've been making solid plans now, and I'm getting closer and closer to what I want and know I deserve. I'm a subscriber on both of your channels too, and I cannot believe I was walking around so blind before. I'm single and I know exactly what I want now. It IS NOT WORTH IT to be with someone based on love. NEVER AGAIN. And the things you mentioned about "friends" was so true. I don't have any friends either because I'm too busy working on the things I've worked hard to accomplish and especially now that I've changed my mentality. My morals have changed also, thanks to YOU. It's about damned time more women discovered this knowledge and helped themselves by demanding more from grown men, and stopped relying so much on God and "being patient." Because your precious time DOES run out.