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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • Okuma Akira, a real estate agent in Tokyo, takes selling property to a whole different level. He and his company make it their goal to sell real estate that the Japanese call “jiko bukken,” or “stigmatized property.” Namely, these homes had owners whose residency there have ended in suicide or murder, or whose deaths weren’t discovered until much later because these residents lived alone. We followed Akira to one such property and asked him about this niche housing market.

    Special thanks to Okuma Akira for sharing his story with us.
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  • Frederick Trinidad
    Frederick Trinidad  16 hours ago

    Hiroko cute and surprised moments 04:25, 04:49 and 06:53

  • May Sharma
    May Sharma  yesterday

    ewww...eating my melting chocolate as I watch the part where he said, there was leftover melted flesh. Ugh!

  • May Sharma
    May Sharma  yesterday

    We bought a house in 2014. Apparently, no one has ever died in our house, but I knew it was haunted from the first night we spent in it. It took many years until the energy felt normal. I wonder if its the land thats cursed.

  • James Smith
    James Smith  3 days ago

    Humans and Pigs are probably the grossest animals on planet earth. People think aliens will come and visit, NO WAY this video proves it.

  • Martale Martishka
    Martale Martishka  4 days ago

    The interviewer is so pleasant. Love her!

  • WowWow Vlogs
    WowWow Vlogs  4 days ago

    The reaction of the interviewer was very scared

  • jdelaguardia09
    jdelaguardia09  5 days ago

    That's the exact spot the body was found, where you're standing on it.

  • Simona Felice
    Simona Felice  6 days ago

    I'm confused as to why the houses are called murder houses, and, not suicide houses. I'd love to visit Japan, but, I won't live there. I don't understand why suicide rate is that high. What is the murder rate? Asian Bosses? What are y'all trying to say. Kei, what do you mean? I'm so confused. 💚

  • Aishah Rahim
    Aishah Rahim  7 days ago

    6:53 I love how she asked it RIGHT at the exact spot

  • Life with Ami in Japan

    My other apartment here in Japan I had, there was a 10 yr old girl that passed away and that little girl she is seen. I saw her she was just the cutest wasn’t scary at all. At night when I lay on my futon she would gently stroke my hair until I fell a sleep. I moved and I believe she is still there. I kinda miss her being around

  • Shoyo Ishida
    Shoyo Ishida  7 days ago

    you know what here in the Philippines some filipino believe in ghost and mystical creatures like aswang, tikbalang etch... yahh I admit before im scared when my grandmother tells a stories about paranormal activity but in my 19 yrs of existence i didn't even experience any of those things. Maybe its just in your mind, just make your self happy and avoid being paranoid. If you have phobia in being alone then make your surroundings alive by turning TV thats it.

  • jimin universe
    jimin universe  7 days ago +1

    I thought he selling a house for people who wanted to murder someone lol

  • Kim uchiha
    Kim uchiha  7 days ago

    This made me Subscribe to asian boss <3

    LONG LIVE LIBERTY  7 days ago +1

    This is like “The Conjuring” but in real life 🙈

  • イワンイリナ

    Lmao I understood the title so wrong... I thought he was selling house for ppl to murder someone xdddd brain fart

  • David Zollicoffer
    David Zollicoffer  7 days ago

    this guy seems like a nice guy hope he takes care of himself. this kind of work can be hard on the soul

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    Grudge Movie Vibe

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    i ll buy one of this house

  • Lucy Stephanie
    Lucy Stephanie  14 days ago

    And I'm watching this in the wee hours. Ah curiosity... why did I watch it now... 😅😅😅

    It's brave of him to do that kind of job. I prefer to sell preselling and brand new properties up to resale properties and that's it. Foreclosed, old or properties with that kind of tragic history is something I don't think I would handle now or in the future...