EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool FC 4-0 FC Barcelona (AGG: 4-3) UEFA Champions League Highlights

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • What a game we've just witnessed! Liverpool FC are in the finals of the UEFA Champions League!

    Catch the extended highlights of Liverpool FC 4-0 (4-3 aggregate) FC Barcelona here on Goal!



  • Thelocalavenue  (May 7, 2019))

    I guess Barcelona came to anfield 4-n0thing

  • william is an idiot  (May 11, 2019))

    +RebelHype u know why? Becoz u are a Fucking RACIST

  • RebelHype  (May 9, 2019))

    +TToTToTT dont forget barca won against psg 6,-5 and you think you guys are the comeback kings? 🤣😂🤣

  • HarbonixJJ  (May 7, 2019))

    well played Liverpool even though we lost, gd luck in the finals

  • tt Forever  (2 days ago))


  • Kakgrean TV2  (May 16, 2019))

    +ลาลาลา ล๊องลอยยย Thxครับ

  • Woo Hoo  (May 7, 2019))

    Great spirit Great atmosphere Great comebacks!! YNWA from Singapore.

  • TinyTazer  (May 9, 2019))

    United fan from SG too. Well deserved. You'll didn't even deserve to lose in the first leg but at least you'll got your reward. Great astonishing comeback

  • andrew lai  (May 9, 2019))


  • Dos wit Six Cents  (May 7, 2019))

    note to Barca's defense: don't ever sleep on corners 😌

  • MYSE  (May 10, 2019))

    Credit where credit is due. If you see the replay, Pique reacted almost instantaneously to the corner being brought in while the rest of the team was napping. Ter Stegen reacted quite quickly too. But still, TAA's balls of steel to pull that off against Barcelona.

  • Mc Lucky  (May 8, 2019))

    Dos wit Six Cents they are gonna practice 10,000 sets of corner kick defence tomorrow morning

  • Jaylious Yew  (May 7, 2019))

    That last goal when Shaqiri was walking to the corner then Arnold went back to kick the corner, that moment was priceless HAHAHA

  • ItzMe 1  (May 9, 2019))

    it was such a smart play. ngl it got everyone what a smart tactical play.

  • Zulkifli Nani  (May 8, 2019))

    4th goal was AMAZING, outsmarted Barcelona with their complacency.Best Stretegy Ever!

  • Frederick Fong  (May 7, 2019))

    Unbelievable- fantastic Football and one of the greatest comebacks 👏👏👏

  • Carlos Geli  (May 7, 2019))

    that 4th goal just epitomized the day for Barca. Too complacent and Liverpool saw it and took advantageGG Liverpool (from a Barca fan)

  • thewackykid  (May 9, 2019))

    except that aggregate they were tied up 3-3 then... no reason why they need to give up... in fact they should be even more alert...

  • ItzMe 1  (May 9, 2019))

    i dont think it was complacent. you wouldnt be complacent if ur losing 3-0. more like they gave up

  • Alex Reindeer  (May 9, 2019))

    Liverpool SUPERB! Best In The World.

  • SB500  (May 7, 2019))

    Multiple Adam Sandlers pop up:YOU BLEW IT!!!!