Bug Restoration (Official Full Version)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  • VW Bug Restoration, from beginning to end!


  • Ed Willson
    Ed Willson  a years ago +372

    Let's face the fact that these cars were never very safe to begin with. Removing the upper head rest gave the car more styling.I tried to resemble the 67 bug.  I was not going to fix the bug without installing a rag top. the $ 650.00 was well spent.  when you drive these old cars you take a chance. if Safety is your number one concern, stick to the new cars.

  • Faiq Quliyev
    Faiq Quliyev  7 hours ago


  • Scott Bayer
    Scott Bayer  17 hours ago

    Beautiful restoration sir.

  • kquack
    kquack  yesterday

    Does the radio only play oldies?

  • Jeff Ferguson
    Jeff Ferguson  yesterday

    that is a lot of work for a post 1967 car


    Good very Good...

  • Sungodv
    Sungodv  2 days ago

    Had a 67 back in 78 or 79 and had to constantly work on it...never left me stranded though.

  • Shrikant Bhandare

    Art of car making

  • culle6 crossover
    culle6 crossover  2 days ago

    sieht die kiste geil aus !!! hammer .

  • Graham Pinkerton
    Graham Pinkerton  2 days ago

    MY God !! What did all that cost you?

  • Tommy Jensen
    Tommy Jensen  3 days ago

    Why you not clean IT first ?

  • Gordon L
    Gordon L  3 days ago

    Amazing video!

  • sea nanook
    sea nanook  3 days ago

    very nice restoration, i am mechanic, and remove engine on 35 min, my buddy 20 min, the bug and transporter is the car , i like because its , so simpel, , air cooled rugged engine

  • Jacob Gibson
    Jacob Gibson  4 days ago

    why would you restore bugs they eat your plants?

  • Marti4161
    Marti4161  4 days ago

    I had a bug for many years. Great restoration!

  • Edwin Rodolfo Campos Solis

    Love This Volkswagen :-*

  • mario semedo
    mario semedo  4 days ago

    Congratulations from Portugal.Good job.

  • Deni
    Deni  5 days ago


  • Adriano Heinzen
    Adriano Heinzen  5 days ago

    look this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpA7DbNXysg

  • Arnold Garcia
    Arnold Garcia  6 days ago

    congrats excellent job