Bug Restoration (Official Full Version)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  • VW Bug Restoration, from beginning to end!


  • Ed Willson  9 months ago

    Let's face the fact that these cars were never very safe to begin with. Removing the upper head rest gave the car more styling.I tried to resemble the 67 bug.  I was not going to fix the bug without installing a rag top. the $ 650.00 was well spent.  when you drive these old cars you take a chance. if Safety is your number one concern, stick to the new cars.

  • Lightthissoul  12 days ago

    I very much enjoy seeing the restoration of these cars I own one and it helps me to learn more how to make mine better. THANK YOU! 🙃

  • Wolfenstein  14 days ago

    and if you don't want rust stick to old cars

  • Dandypanty  2 years ago

    my favorite part is how you didn't milk this project with 30 episodes over the course of 2 years. This was very satisfying to watch.

  • Max Willson  3 days ago

    Keep in mind, the Bug Restoration was made during a time when I was working a part-time job and still living with my parents. Now that I work full-time and moved out of my parents home, it's a lot more difficult to get things ready. That's just life.

  • Max Willson  3 days ago

    It's done now

  • Bruce Jones  yesterday

    You've done a beautiful job on this. I restored (over many years) a 1937 Dodge and I know how much time, energy, and money it takes. My hat goes off to you on a job well done........piece by piece!

  • darryl campbell  2 days ago

    great video. But please lose the annoying background music. distracting. would rather you explained as you went . without the music. cheers.

  • Noi Moroni  3 months ago

    Picking up my 68 bug in two days. This has inspired me soooo much. Thanks for an awesome video!

  • saeid roshani  9 months ago

    you do very well i love this vw car this be majic care whit youre restoration ...well down ...million like

  • Robert Domer  2 years ago

    One of the most enjoyable rebuild shows I've ever seen. Lot's of fun. Not stress from a deadline or artificial competition. Just a guy, his car and a vision. Thanks for posting!

  • major 007  2 days ago

    i don't think she should get to drive it as she had no faith in the bug..

  • ...а я не знал,что БИТЛ 2х цилиндровый,не машина а игрушка,жаль что сейчас таких не выпускают!!!

  • Spartan-Surfer  10 days ago

    Ed thanks so much for your efforts. It brings back so many memories for the 70s. Aloha and mahalo nui loa,KonaboyzHonolulu, Hawaii