twenty one pilots - Blurryface Tour (Highlight 06)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 18, 2015
  • take a look behind the scenes of our friendship in this highlight from #BlurryfaceTourget tickets to see twenty one pilots: available now on Fueled By Ramen:iTunes: Play: and edited by Reel Bear Media ( for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #BlurryfaceTour #FueledByRamen


  • Annie Keller
    Annie Keller  3 years ago +1345

    "I feel dumb.........hows josh doing"
    -tøp fans every day

  • Gwhiz
    Gwhiz  3 years ago +390

    "I feel dumb" me every day

  • Erin Allen
    Erin Allen  3 years ago +501

    I literally look forward to these videos all the time. They should just make a documentary.

  • Tess Cameron
    Tess Cameron  3 years ago +311

    Are we not gonna talk about the oxygen tank?

  • Alaina Brown
    Alaina Brown  3 years ago +119

    At the beginning it made me kind of sad at you know, Tyler's throat problem and when he was trying to help his throat AND THEN WHEN JOSH CRIED FROM BEING APART because me and my friend are unbreakable AND can not be torn apart, hey Maddiemoo

  • Cici Nave
    Cici Nave  3 years ago +73

    "I miss Tyler." my heart broke.

  • yewon jang
    yewon jang  3 years ago +83

    did anyone else do the vocal exercises with tyler?

  • Emily Pascale
    Emily Pascale  3 years ago +33

    "How's Josh doin?" FRIENDSHIP GOALS

  • dead girl walking
    dead girl walking  3 years ago +114


  • Panic at the MCR
    Panic at the MCR  3 years ago +123

    I had so much fun at the concert and it makes me sad that Josh and Tyler had separate rooms at the concert I went to. I started crying because I just want to go back to the concert.

  • Rachel Gore
    Rachel Gore  3 years ago +225

    i always imagined they'd start with heavydirtysoul at a concert.

  • I am David
    I am David  3 years ago +67

    Love how Josh is listening to Hillsong Worship music before his show!!

  • Shannon Chow
    Shannon Chow  3 years ago +205

    While josh is talking about the tape on the floor is that Hillsong playing in the background?

  • Dante D'Angelo
    Dante D'Angelo  3 years ago +217

    I wish these video's were longer. FML!!!!! hahaha

  • Tyler Peterson
    Tyler Peterson  3 years ago +21

    2:41 My girlfriend is the redhead talking about weather and I'm the guy next to her who doesn't say anything.

  • Elizabeth Molyet
    Elizabeth Molyet  3 years ago +23

    Tyler and Josh are unattainable friendship goals.

  • Hollie Sikes
    Hollie Sikes  3 years ago +114

    i still cry bc i'm in the outro to every one of these tour diaries lord bless it

  • Marguerite Kelly
    Marguerite Kelly  3 years ago +14

    I was listening to the commentary for Truce, and Tyler said something about how if the music he made helped at least one person, then his entire life would be worth it. Needless to say, I cried.

  • Shannon Burdett
    Shannon Burdett  3 years ago +22

    why was josh taking oxygen?

  • søap
    søap  2 years ago +10

    i would have eaten food that had josh's spit in it