How To Buy Cars at Copart - Tutorial

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
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  • hektor tz  7 months ago

    I bid & won the black cadillac like 4-5 weeks ago but they did't accept the $650 that i bid🤣

  • Koss u  2 months ago

    do you have more great advice for international buyers? curious about taxes/fees/shipping

  • brian versansky  18 days ago

    Great video, Randy. I'm completely new to Copart and I just didn't understand what it was all about till I seen this video. I think I even asked you how Copart worked. Very informative. Thanks again

  • Macdrefro  6 months ago

    Great video. I'm also from Oklahoma and been thinking about buying cars through copart and fixing them. You answered so many questions I had.

  • Ahmed S  6 days ago

    5 dollars for a CARFAX !!! Thanks man highly appreciated.

  • Marvelous0622  7 months ago

    Ok let me start by saying no homo but I love you and this channel. One of my favorite channels. Keep it up man. I cant wait for you to hit 100k subs. You deserve it brother!!!

  • John Hines  5 months ago

    extremely helpful, no need to watch any other videos to understand how it works, thank you

  • Do i need a broker or am i allowed in general to buy cars on copart US from Germany?

  • Do you need a broker to bid. Also if I buy a car from a state that doesn't require a broker/dealer license but I live in a state that does do I need one?

  • CCCP Garage  6 months ago

    Thank you, very informative !