One Weapon Rebounds Challenge In Shellshock Live Showdown

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • Today we play One Weapon Rebounds Challenge In Shellshock Live Showdown

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  • yin and the Phoenix

    Dont have the intro jerome asf if this is jeromeace

  • Phil Goulds
    Phil Goulds  2 months ago

    I'm surprised KChamp hasn't added a move called construction (excavation but for builder)

  • Dylan Janish
    Dylan Janish  6 months ago

    This video has no energy and it's god awful

  • Jexa 1414
    Jexa 1414  6 months ago

    hit spazz YEET

  • Ayden D'anniballe
    Ayden D'anniballe  7 months ago +2

    18:05 How it feels to chew 5 gum

    18:16 stimulate your senses

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen  7 months ago

    Can we get a calm Jerome compared to the Jerome that saw baffler

  • kalimul
    kalimul  7 months ago

    Listen to Jerome’s intro in 0.5x speed;it’s amazing!

  • X_MahmUd_X
    X_MahmUd_X  7 months ago +1

    Mattios,mattios matt's on tonight
    You know his hips don't lie and he's starting to feel it right.
    All the attraction, the tention.
    Steve don't you see matt's hips are perfection.
    Written by:Mahmud
    Sang by: jerome,steve and matt

  • Reid Schuitema
    Reid Schuitema  7 months ago

    jerome i watched it in slowmosion and it changed drecions mid-air

  • Tonoble52
    Tonoble52  7 months ago

    Jerome idk whether this is just me but it gets annoying when you take time in a video to sit there with no commentary on your phone I mean not to be rude but there is about probably 5 minutes of you looking down or not at the game or whatever.

  • Bryce Abreu
    Bryce Abreu  7 months ago

    Love the jeromeasf intro on the Jeromeace channel

  • SORA32101
    SORA32101  8 months ago


  • Project Atlas Industries

    Feels bad Jerry

  • J Zap
    J Zap  8 months ago

    At 11:30 there’s a face

  • Joes Myth
    Joes Myth  8 months ago

    Short rket was a good movie your right

  • LTCamouflage
    LTCamouflage  8 months ago

    Supercat does 55

  • ZakPup
    ZakPup  8 months ago

    do a one weapon rebound hurricane assassin challenge

  • Smoothbeast10
    Smoothbeast10  8 months ago

    Hey jerome, can you please do another point battle on shellshock

  • Owen Galea Bonnici
    Owen Galea Bonnici  8 months ago

    We'll be righ back with the next round! (Editor doesnt cut)

  • ILlogicaLLY LogicaL
    ILlogicaLLY LogicaL  8 months ago

    wow vale nows Chanxe The Rapper?