he broke my bestfriend's nose *fousey vs slim*

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  • He broke my best friend's nose. Prepare to diiee 👨🏻


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  • TrS RiShire
    TrS RiShire  yesterday

    i wish i had clout so i could challenge wassabi

  • TrS RiShire
    TrS RiShire  yesterday


  • Larry Da lobster
    Larry Da lobster  3 days ago

    Who tf is slim?

  • karloz
    karloz  3 days ago

    of course he did you idiots the dude was blocking all his punches with his face

  • carlos morones
    carlos morones  4 days ago

    Wassibi lasted 2 rounds with pussy tube n got knocked out he should be embarrassed😂 but he has the nerve to say slim is bad fighter😶bro fucking hear ur self ur asking for suicide

  • Vempair Gaming
    Vempair Gaming  4 days ago

    You are a trash talker because you knowked by fousey 😈

  • Mexico 4144
    Mexico 4144  5 days ago

    Alex is going to get his ass beat

  • Yusra Elrifai
    Yusra Elrifai  6 days ago

    go look at your comments their all about how trash fousey is

  • Yusra Elrifai
    Yusra Elrifai  6 days ago

    slim won and you cant do anything about it

  • Yusra Elrifai
    Yusra Elrifai  6 days ago

    slim is not the trash one you are you just talk trash to everyone who is nice to you

  • Yusra Elrifai
    Yusra Elrifai  6 days ago

    dude i thought you where a good person

  • Ej Hall
    Ej Hall  6 days ago

    And u wanted fight KSI

  • SAYwhatIwant
    SAYwhatIwant  7 days ago

    hahahaha Fousey looked like a jackass out there don't fight like him kids this is not how you fight

  • Ttv Lol
    Ttv Lol  7 days ago


  • Sebastian Lainez
    Sebastian Lainez  7 days ago


  • Noel YTTV
    Noel YTTV  7 days ago

    Slim is better then you got knock out by fousey and he beat him and he know were you level

  • sifa johnson
    sifa johnson  7 days ago

    bra slim will waist you and Adam saleh can to

  • Ken cHunGGus
    Ken cHunGGus  14 days ago

    We all know Fousey’s defense is so bad

  • Tiger Channel 2
    Tiger Channel 2  14 days ago

    He can knock u out

  • Tiger Channel 2
    Tiger Channel 2  14 days ago

    Don’t underestimate slim