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  • Published on:  Friday, June 22, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +497

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  • ElecDaWild
    ElecDaWild  a years ago +1139

    “This Guy ruins Disney”
    Nah, that’s MatPat’s job

  • Carmela M
    Carmela M  a years ago +1080

    I’m sad that they didn’t show the reactions to the rest of Peter Pan or the lines “You aww I came inside, a virgin’s bod” “SOO-OO have I!”

  • Random Potato
    Random Potato  a years ago +583

    "I wonder how many hours he tool on this" Hours? More like years. glares Jon.

  • Funny 0494
    Funny 0494  a years ago +994

    “Screw Truuuuuuuuuuuuump!”
    Crowd: (claps)

  • Krizzul Sizzle
    Krizzul Sizzle  a years ago +461

    “I wonder how many hours he puts into this.” HENEY HE PUT IN A YEAR FOR THIS ONE

    COATRACK PLAYS  a years ago +326

    I love how they start out all excited and like "he puts a humorous twist cool!!" And then Aladdin comes and they're all disturbed as heck😂😂

  • Gwen Stacy
    Gwen Stacy  a years ago +497

    I just realized paint did Aladdin twice now, both him and jasmine

  • little faceless
    little faceless  a years ago +914


  • Jodie Crofts
    Jodie Crofts  a years ago +2645

    You should do Jon cozart reacts to college kids reacts to Jon cozart

  • 羅曼迪克
    羅曼迪克  a years ago +226

    Not many people can sing a whole acapela by themself

  • Kharn The Betrayer
    Kharn The Betrayer  a years ago +195

    "I wonder how many hours he put into this" Well, there was a year between that and his previous video.

  • Sana Rose
    Sana Rose  a years ago +107

    "not a lot of people know it was inspired by Hamlet"
    literally everyone knows

  • 5SecøndsØfTwentyØneShaniacs!AtTheDiscø

    I’m waiting for Moana.

  • xXxjxXx 1999
    xXxjxXx 1999  a years ago +118

    "Idk if I should laugh or cry" same

  • PineCsne
    PineCsne  a years ago +80

    How come nobody’s talking about how at the end he says “SCREWWWW TRUUUUUMMMMPPPP”

  • Lily Bolanos
    Lily Bolanos  a years ago +163

    I like the "jeopardy" girl. Keep her.

  • Clayton Hurdle
    Clayton Hurdle  a years ago +86

    These punks talking over all the best parts.

  • Alykat Loves music
    Alykat Loves music  a years ago +67

    Have paint react to this!

  • 00 00
    00 00  a years ago +164

    React to empty by jaiden animations and boyinaband