Is Trump's new space race all about ego? | The Pledge

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • Should we be in a new space race? Greg Dyke thinks it would be fantastic if mankind looks to the stars again, but June Sarpong argues that we need to "sort out planet Earth before we start worrying about space".

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  • RobinHoodAZ
    RobinHoodAZ  2 months ago

    Earth will end. That’s a known fact. Sun will die out at some point (billions of years from now).

    While we do need to deal with Earth issue that will prob kill us off before the sun begins it’s death, we need to also start exploring as this will take a long time to show progress.

  • Helen Jarvis
    Helen Jarvis  3 months ago

    Shut up Carole!

  • Np S
    Np S  3 months ago

    "Back on the moon" so your premise is that they went there in the first place?
    This is the definition of propaganda based on a false history.

  • James
    James  3 months ago

    Of course it is, but then that's nothing new...

    Geez, I agree with Ms. Dewberry on a lot of things but wow, she can be such an airhead sometimes. The Moon landing was before my time as well, but how can she not be moved by such a phenomenal feat & those iconic pictures?

    And of course going to the Moon & Mars is about national ego rather than exploration & science. But then it always was.

    Surprisingly, it was Carol Malone who actually had it right here. Space exploration is directly leading to not only new discoveries but the development of new technologies. Some of these could very well help us address our terrestrial problems.

    As for this nonsense that people just want to go to Mars because they've thrown in the towel on preserving our habitat here. No rational person believes this and it's strange to hear men of science like Martin Rees & Neil deGrasse Tyson espouse it every time the subject of putting humans on Mars is discussed. It's really kind of hysterical.

    No, addressing problems here & visiting other world's is not mutually exclusive. It was 50 years ago humans went to the Moon. Time to stop dithering & take the next giant leap for mankind.

  • al parims
    al parims  4 months ago

    Noone ever walked in the moon.

  • veracunha2006
    veracunha2006  4 months ago +1

    Give one-way space ticket for Trump, Boris Johnson, Putin, Kim Jong-un. Did I miss ?????

  • Simon Rodgers
    Simon Rodgers  4 months ago

    Would Grind the black chick all day long ..

  • OutaDaDark
    OutaDaDark  4 months ago +2

    Of course, we should be thinking about the destruction of our habitate here. Rain forest, climate change, renewable energy, all changeable with the proper use of technology. And the world is talking about going 'back' to the moon? Ask the NASA Orion team how they plan to deal with the Van Allen belt radiation. Apparently they've lost the 'old' 1969 technology and haven't quite worked it out yet.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy  4 months ago

    Wow I actually agree with a couple things these people said for once. First a ton of modern microbiology equipment and methods were developed by nasa and completely changed how we identify pathogens and identify most affective antibiotics... second we DEFINITELY shouldn’t be giving aid to India if they have the money for a space program.

  • Aurora Bautista
    Aurora Bautista  4 months ago +1

    Well said michelle about India

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula  4 months ago

    She's doing all of this for attention, and she knows what she'd doing and it's working. It'd all staged we're not stupid, needs to Ho back to school., dhe can't work the room. And Kate commands the room without even trying. That's Royal. Mm games are backfiring on her. She's not that smart at all and it's blowing up in her evil face. Lights camera action.

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine  4 months ago +1

    Space travel is only going to keep getting incredibly cheaper as the years go on

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke  4 months ago

    Mankind is 98% retarded. The American space program is nearly all about military power. But the small percentage that is domestic has changed the world. So is it a good thing or a bad thing, since EGO has nothing to do with it? It's a good thing, until 1,000 RODS FROM GOD spill all over some competing country, then for them... it'll be a very bad day indeed.

  • Joss Angeles
    Joss Angeles  4 months ago +2

    I see a generational gap with this subject.

  • ricky jurecki
    ricky jurecki  4 months ago

    Don't listen to Trump. He can't sit the right way round on the lavy.

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace  4 months ago

    space force and the Martians are gonna pay for it

    beLIVEve me

  • Michael January
    Michael January  4 months ago +4

    Astounded at the level of scientific illiteracy displayed by the panelists in this discussion.

  • Horatio Huskisson
    Horatio Huskisson  4 months ago +2

    What’s Michelle going on about? The space race of the 60s was about beating the USSR to the moon

    DANNYBOY73  4 months ago

    The British government have put their own fatwa on Tommy.

  • Mikeom Olt
    Mikeom Olt  4 months ago +4

    Increase NASA's budget. Get Mexico to pay for it.