Simon Pegg Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Simon Pegg breaks down his favorite and most iconic characters, including Tim from "Spaced," Shaun from "Shaun of the Dead," Nicholas Angel from "Hot Fuzz," Gary King from "The World's End," Scotty in "Star Trek," Unkar Plutt in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and Benji Dunn in the "Mission: Impossible" movies. Simon stars in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," out in theaters July 27th. Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► GQFor more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more. Pegg Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ


  • BlueBell
    BlueBell  5 months ago +1460

    "ive been let off of so many murders because of hot fuzz" I DIED

    THOTH  3 months ago +1647

    "Nick and I were ensconced in a pub in Highgate called The Shepherds, where we spent much of our time. To the disappointment of our then girlfriend Edger Wright"

  • Frost Gaming
    Frost Gaming  2 months ago +492

    ”-she also was trying to get us to leave, but we didn’t want to, so we wrote a whole film about it and added zombies.”
    F*cking madlad.

  • Taley
    Taley  8 months ago +384

    I met Simon Pegg once at a Paul McCartney concert in London & he was nicer to me than anyone I know has ever been.

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark  2 months ago +797

    Pegg doesn't get talked about nearly enough

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose  11 months ago +272

    He is so wonderfully dry! Telling the craziest stories, totally stone-faced.
    Can´t get more British than that

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd  6 months ago +633

    Best trilogies:
    3. Lord of the rings
    2. The dark knight trilogy
    1. The cornetto trilogy
    True facts
    Thx for the likes!

  • The Harvinator
    The Harvinator  2 months ago +555

    Y A W E E C L A T T Y B A S T A R D

  • Greaser
    Greaser  a years ago +2122

    I really like this guy. You can tell that he enjoys acting and does it very well. Many movies have been made much better because of him.

  • GrifGraf
    GrifGraf  10 months ago +116

    Makes me happy to hear that Gary King was his favourite character to play, as he is one of my favourite characters in any piece of media ever, Simon's portrayal of Gary actually helped me discover a lot of my personal flaws and is one of the major things that made me decide to sober up.

  • Spam Cannon
    Spam Cannon  11 months ago +333

    I love Simon Pegg. I want to be his friend.

  • Stephanie Oplinger
    Stephanie Oplinger  2 months ago +171

    "I love the Scots... more than the English." 😆🤣🤣

  • David Oakes
    David Oakes  11 months ago +259

    It's funny how much Simon hates the SW prequels and his character in TFA is basically Watto.

  • Lare Alexander Short
    Lare Alexander Short  a years ago +1646

    "People like to be passive aggressive towards strangers because their life is so empty" - Simon Pegg 2018

  • Raffulous
    Raffulous  11 months ago +140

    Worlds end is one of the best movies ever... so so good

  • Muspell
    Muspell  9 months ago +444

    "I love the Scotts....more than the English." Everybody does, Simon.

  • Amanda Reynolds-Gregg
    Amanda Reynolds-Gregg  11 months ago +56

    "I've been let off for so many murders because of Hot Fuzz."
    I love you, Simon

  • Kieran LVlogs
    Kieran LVlogs  2 months ago +38

    Simon Pegg breaks down Nick Frosts most iconic characters

  • Ju31
    Ju31  a years ago +5210

    Humble guy, and shaun of the dead is a classic (didnt know id get so many likes sheeesh)

  • Peter Maclean
    Peter Maclean  23 hours ago +1

    Why are so many English people so well spoken?