How to Make Explainer Video Animation [Step by Step | Beginner Friendly]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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    Discover the new way to create animated explainer videos or sales videos literally within minutes, with little to no experience required using stock animation.

    Stop wasting precious time and huge amounts of money on freelancers and take your video production to the next level for a fraction of the cost!

    Video assets required to follow along can be downloaded inside.

    Eduard Stinga is an entrepreneur specialized in video marketing and video production, who runs two video companies. The first one is where he makes custom animated sales videos for clients all over the world. And the second one is which is a marketplace for ready to use video assets.


  • Stanley Brewer
    Stanley Brewer  7 months ago +81

    I like what you're doing. As a video Editor I fully understand the time and effort that goes into animation. Unfortunately most people don't understand the hours, days and thought behind it. They also don't understand the investment they need to make to assure you can continue and bring more to the table if they really like it.

    A professional can see where the investment will be returned exponentially from clients. A newbie should make the sacrifice and commit the fastfood meal, video game or clothing fad money to achieve their goal if they're serious. People not willing to sacrifice, commit or just want to achieve success from others works without investing aren't serious.

    I like your presentation, product and have upcoming projects I plan to use them in. Thanks!

  • J Jules.
    J Jules.  7 days ago +1

    Many good vibes on this video, but unfortunately it is non sense to make animation assets and sell it to regular people. Simply because making an efficient explainer video which bring value to your company is a Real work.. Which require High motion graphic skills, but also sound design skill and sense of timing.. So these elements will lead to.. nothing. Such as plateforms like toonly or vyond.

  • Md Javed
    Md Javed  7 days ago

    which software use to create this videos??.

  • Sladeofdark
    Sladeofdark  7 days ago

    this is how you assemble them, very , very cool. but how do you create them?

  • TheAvellaization
    TheAvellaization  7 days ago

    should be called: how to make a video... none of the animation is explained at all, you're just like: oh you buy that from me! tk u vry mch!

  • Camille Lomuntad
    Camille Lomuntad  7 days ago

    Is it for free? Do I have to pay for something to create a video?

  • Seeker Forever
    Seeker Forever  14 days ago

    I did not receive mail from you brother

  • Rahul Kumar Mandal

    this is like just keep videos in series, its not like editing

  • Martina Rousseau
    Martina Rousseau  21 days ago

    Hello, i need a video for the set up of the company and explaining what it does. I appreciate the video Eduard. I have a question, on the site you own one can buy the stock but is there an option to buy the whole video set up or option with few hours work to be custom made? Thank you in advance.

  • Jane Trần
    Jane Trần  1 months ago +2

    can i have the background audio plz

  • Mαŋısн Sιŋgн
    Mαŋısн Sιŋgн  1 months ago +2

    00:55 In the animated video How you are recoring your voice in this tune plz tell mee 🙏🙏🙏

  • Kenley Beaubrun
    Kenley Beaubrun  1 months ago

    nice video

  • BestMovieClips
    BestMovieClips  1 months ago

    Im not native english speaker so how can i record a voice like this. Or simply tell me any best text to speech software with so much effects. I want to work on whiteboard animation. Your reply would be appreciated 😊

  • Captain Dusk
    Captain Dusk  1 months ago +1

    Why premiere pro when you could use keynote?
    And btw are you considering making the animations available in a custom app so mobile users can full experience it?
    Like a mobile app with a subscription fee that will allow you acces to those animations on mobile platforms.
    Would be great since I (and probably many others) edit on our smartphones.

    VISHWAJEET SINGH  1 months ago +3

    Hey bro nice video
    Can u help me
    How to make scary horror animation videos please tell me

  • Boost And Redline
    Boost And Redline  1 months ago +1

    wow what a waste of time

  • Watch This
    Watch This  2 months ago

    the voice over are not included ?

    SAIF KHAN  2 months ago

    what is the name of the software you're using to make these animations?

  • StormRekt
    StormRekt  2 months ago +3

    (Beginner Friendly) Still have to invest money in the assets.

  • Torment
    Torment  2 months ago +1

    simple history