2 Chainz Drinks a $2,500 Cocktail | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 13, 2017
  • 2 Chainz stops by FIZZ Lounge at Caesar’s Palace and tries The Fizz Deluxe, a $2,500 cocktail made out of three kinds of liquor: Grand Marnier Quintessence, Dom Perignon, and Richard Hennessy. Watch more MOST EXPENSIVEST, Wednesdays at 10:30pm on VICELAND.

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    2 Chainz Drinks a $2,500 Cocktail | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ


  • jj a
    jj a  7 days ago


  • Taylor
    Taylor  14 days ago

    hes so funny

  • T m0ney
    T m0ney  14 days ago

    Have we seen one with gold flakes weed yet ? I predict that one

  • Daryl Johnson
    Daryl Johnson  a months ago

    This man must be protected at all costs

  • TSM
    TSM  a months ago

    as he was mixing i knew it wasn't gonna taste like nothing special smh

  • DESI
    DESI  a months ago


  • Nathaniel Eric
    Nathaniel Eric  a months ago

    4 dollars Budweiser 40 oz or bush 3 45

  • Cornell Eisenbise
    Cornell Eisenbise  a months ago

    You could tell the bartender was excited to meet him and the other mf thought he was better than everyone

  • Dee Vee
    Dee Vee  a months ago

    I don't think you're supposed to eat gold

  • Mauricio rodriguez
    Mauricio rodriguez  a months ago

    I swear I’ve seen that bartender on Workaholics...

  • jennifer williams
    jennifer williams  a months ago

    Hmm....if there is no audience will customers really spend that much money...is that supposed to be a show off drink?.....Depopulate

  • dspiggy
    dspiggy  a months ago

    "not just no regular little liquor store"

  • silver eyes Silver eyes

    Wonderful elegant drink beyond reason I wouldn’t drink it either I would stare into it.

  • Paintingcolors Andremodeling

    They exaggerated on prices per battle, they cost a lot but not that much...it still interesting though

  • coxjohn
    coxjohn  a months ago

    Paying 2,500 for a cocktail with monin in it? Nah.

  • Mark Schneider
    Mark Schneider  a months ago

    He cant take strong drinks

  • Mosaed Alameri
    Mosaed Alameri  a months ago


  • B D
    B D  a months ago


  • Courtney B Tabor
    Courtney B Tabor  a months ago


  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright  a months ago

    Does anybody know the song that they were using at minute 3:37? I like that beat.