Epic Faker Moments, Impossible To Forget - Lolesports #LegendsNeverDie

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 22, 2017
  • Faker Is Irreplaceable #LegendsNeverDie . This is a funny Faker montage edited by Oplolreplay with the intention of making the viewers feeling entertained or even laugh out loud (LOL).

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    Track : Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current)
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  • dako
    dako  14 days ago

    i want to dislike because of the shit editing, but i can for faker

  • Cloud
    Cloud  14 days ago

    I think he meant ty for all ways loving me

  • Mad Gamer
    Mad Gamer  14 days ago

    Lady speak to faker, Asian guy speaks to faker, faker I can speak English but not too good

  • Harvey Barnes-Lafferty
    Harvey Barnes-Lafferty  14 days ago +1

    this was when faker wasn't an arrogant shit

    RUSSEL PH  14 days ago

    faker roll over looks like vayne first skill 😆😆

  • Boo Gamer
    Boo Gamer  14 days ago

    Wait so Tyler1 is a legend

    To understand watch the video

  • teragram
    teragram  21 days ago

    SKT Is slowling falling down. It's their time to rest. But once you wake them. You'll know shit's about to go down.

  • teragram
    teragram  21 days ago

    5:25 my fav part lmao

  • Vinh Lâm
    Vinh Lâm  21 days ago

    Mình mới làm 1 video về Faker mong ae xem góp ý. Mới làm nên em chỉ biết ghép nhạc và thêm ảnh thôi : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUWcMbFk-hA

  • Finizio Empire
    Finizio Empire  21 days ago +1

    British man

  • Monstar
    Monstar  21 days ago

    "Big Equilizaaaa!" Shits on CD lmfao

  • John Dave Aquino
    John Dave Aquino  21 days ago

    Faker is faker no one can bit him.

  • Atiliax
    Atiliax  28 days ago

    why is this like i just watched some sort of anime---

  • mama tvoya
    mama tvoya  28 days ago

    орнул со стрелы мираны

  • Thunder
    Thunder  a months ago

    sai dai bosta, vai pedir um pastel de flango

  • Melodi Akın
    Melodi Akın  a months ago

    #LegendsDie ...

  • Zhuriel Prince Gamer

    Huh hotdog

  • JEsterCW
    JEsterCW  a months ago

    Imagine watching this video after s9 finals lol

  • -Silenced Ignorence-


  • Vadim
    Vadim  a months ago +1

    That shit is gringy as fuck!!!