Mysterium Cosmographicum

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 16, 2018
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  • AbbiCat
    AbbiCat  7 months ago +276

    We all know fire is just sharp air

  • TriLectricGaming
    TriLectricGaming  6 months ago +117

    Stop calling it a "icosahedron" That's a lowly name. It's a gyroelongated pentagonal bipyramid

  • Afanasii Kamenkoi
    Afanasii Kamenkoi  11 months ago +318

    Want to have a unique intro? Just crabwalk into the frame naked

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion  a years ago +987

    Seeing Micheal half naked followed by the title Micheal's toys made me think we were going to see a different variety of toys....

  • Dolan Dark
    Dolan Dark  a years ago +4437

    Damn Michael lookin thicc

  • Siddharth Ramavath
    Siddharth Ramavath  a years ago +725

    Marketing had never been this scientific

  • Elvino Robino
    Elvino Robino  a years ago +67

    The cube is what the earth is made of, insert minecraft music here

  • Scribonius Thursday
    Scribonius Thursday  a years ago +41

    1:47 Ah, yes the elements of which everything is comprised: campfire, turnip garden, lobster king, sunshine and finally, bird.

  • jUb JuB
    jUb JuB  5 months ago +35

    A Platonic solid is what I get put in when I ask out a woman

  • Michael Munsch
    Michael Munsch  a years ago +73

    I like how he’s so meta that he knows he’s a meme

  • raf221
    raf221  a years ago +49

    D4 D8 D6 D12 D20
    But D10 isnt platonic :(

  • Nathaniel Beven
    Nathaniel Beven  a years ago +26

    naked lady in one of the image searches @ 9:35

  • Maroof Abid
    Maroof Abid  3 months ago +7

    Earth made of cubes????
    MINECRAFT ! thanks plato

  • SleepySkull
    SleepySkull  a years ago +744

    Michael, Did you forget your VSauce's account password?

  • Hobbes Hobbiton
    Hobbes Hobbiton  a years ago +73

    4:32 Oh hey, look! its a D20!

  • James Van Bergeyk
    James Van Bergeyk  a years ago +18

    3:17 is whenever someone says something annoying

  • RoboTronixGaming
    RoboTronixGaming  2 months ago +7

    "Your a hideous cube"
    Who gets the reference...

  • FlyingAce1016
    FlyingAce1016  a years ago +18

    Dnd dice make up the universe? Thats pretty metal. Hahahaha

  • Scout Elite
    Scout Elite  a years ago +3324

    He’s basically giving grandayy and Dolan Dark more meme material at this point

  • Nic Stroud
    Nic Stroud  a years ago +13

    I miss the old D.O.N.G. format with all the weird and wacky websites.
    I still enjoyed this video but it was more LUT than D.O.N.G.