FAA says evidence begins to connect Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed its ordering of a temporary grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircrafts, citing "new evidence collected at the site and analyzed today," and "refined satellite data." #CNN #News


  • "Disruption to passengers...." I think that most people, like myself, would rather be inconvenienced today and live tomorrow than be inconveniently killed in an air crash.

  • pheenix Rivera  (1 hour ago))

    Trump-a-Tron 6000 Nah. They used paper mache and painted it.

  • pheenix Rivera  (1 hour ago))

    Daniel Balfour sounds like wear and tear or crappy chinese knock off parts are taking a toll!

  • Nineteen 85  (2 days ago))

    R. I. P to all the people who were on that flight

  • Johan  (3 days ago))

    So many aircraft specialists in the comments all of a sudden...

  • Brucev7  (7 hours ago))

    +Scootalo o You Need To Get Saved! Mark 1:15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

  • Scootalo o  (10 hours ago))

    +Brucev7 Like I said sometimes you have to read into someone's satire

  • Mihael Horvat  (2 days ago))

    If these accidents happened to Airbus, Airbus would have been shattered in pieces in media and in US press.

  • blackmamba 23  (13 hours ago))

    +Mihael Horvat real talk.

  • Mihael Horvat  (13 hours ago))

    +jayrock1214 i did not say that. I just said that US press and americans would have been hard to shut up in these delicated situations if it had been for airbus' failure.

  • .  (5 days ago))

    The planes are doing a pretty good job grounding themselves

  • Vlad Neagu  (15 hours ago))


  • Budi  (3 days ago))

    It take about 350 soul to realise few mistake, hopefully this is the last one.

  • Armando D'SOUZA  (6 hours ago))

    No they will come with software update then since mechanical or aeronautical design is wrong again one more crash will happen. then this cycle will repeat for 4 more crashes then whole world will come to scrap this model.

  • StsFiveOneLima  (7 hours ago))

    Incorrectly trained pilots. Not bad aircraft. Although, the seating system may kill some people.

  • Jonathan Weiss  (5 days ago))

    Everyone: “If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going!”737 Max 8: I bet I can change that.

  • mysock351C  (1 day ago))

    +chiz gon Airbus has had its fair share of fuckups as well.

  • AnarchoHumanism  (5 days ago))

    It's terrifying to think that airplanes need software updates!

  • AnarchoHumanism  (8 hours ago))

    +Grateful Zugore Everyone keeps telling me about updates to navigation, which makes perfect sense, and does not need saying. In this case it is un update to the plane wanting to dive to the ground, and crash. These things are completely different and not related in any stretch of the imagination, you can't tweek system software that can cause death to hundreds, it need to be perfect on day one! If any update needs to be done, it should be a minor thing on such a sensitive part of a plane, not a complet...

  • Grateful Zugore  (13 hours ago))

    The avionics get regular updates, navigation systems are a great example. In some (not all) cases the nav systems are updated in flight especially for long flights between global regions. Other software updates are necessary as dependent components age and are superseded. So...I'd worry more if there were no updates.

  • Lee Kh  (3 days ago))

    Surprise that they don't ground the aircraft not even after the first crash and with some US pilots reporting of the problem with the aircraft is puzzling. And even with the second crash they still say is safe to fly and need a link before actions can be taken?? Many other airlines can recognise the severity of both incident and took actions by themselves to ground the aircraft but not Boeing and esp FAA..the authority that should be impartial , independent looking at safety first.This is seriously wr...

  • Bovine One  (6 days ago))

    Who installs software that can override the pilots actions? Obviously this was a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Jim B  (2 days ago))

    Yup they designed in suicidal tendencies. If corporations can be people why can't planes?

  • William Herrera  (2 days ago))