[ YGㅣSMㅣJYPㅣBig Hit ]Comparison of four entertainments' dances

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
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    For the first time, I feel like I'm showing you my funny face Haha

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  • 니후Nihoo
    니후Nihoo  4 months ago +1833

    (이 영상은 그냥 재미로만 즐겨주세요!!)
    너무 망가진 모습이라 좀 놀라셨죠....?
    괜찮아요 저는 여러분하고 좀 더 가까워진 느낌이라 좋아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 더 가까워지면 더 다양한 모습 보여드리고 싶어요 다들 이번 주도 파이팅!!
    (Just enjoy this video for fun!!)
    Were you surprised by my broken face?
    It's okay. I think I'm closer to you guys. I feel good. I want to show you various aspects as we get closer. Have a good time this week.

  • Golden Maknae
    Golden Maknae  19 hours ago

    Dancing like BTS, I think I will lose weight within a month. Seriously😂... Now, I realise why Jin keep complaining about the chereographies. They are too hard and powerful.
    Anyway, your dancing line is nice. It is cool to see you dancing. I love to see you dancing😍

  • Marianne dela Cuesta

    BigHit Choreo 🤝. Midoriya izuku

    doing things that make your bones Ache

  • Anika Tabassum
    Anika Tabassum  yesterday

    I think only arnys live in korea



  • Mochi Chimchim
    Mochi Chimchim  2 days ago

    You are so great 👍🏻
    I just watched BTS practices hard dance, they rank the dance level and DNA song is the highest revel and they said whom dances this song, would die 😂

  • 최유정
    최유정  2 days ago

    그...너목보에서 나오신 그분 아니세요???

  • 챼슬% [아미버디 위즈원]

    빅힡이 대형 기획사가 됬당..ㅠㅜ 방탄이 기획사의 운명을 바꿨다아!

  • ᄋᄆᄒ
    ᄋᄆᄒ  2 days ago

    우와 ... 몇년전만 해도
    대표 기획사는 3개엿는데
    이제는 4개구나 뭔가 신기하다

  • ines i
    ines i  2 days ago

    I mean what do u expect from Bighit😌💜 BIG « HIT »

  • AR MY
    AR MY  2 days ago +1

    빅힛: 추면 몸이 부서진다.

  • Stray BTS Kids
    Stray BTS Kids  2 days ago

    I'm so glad jimin has such an amazing friend by his side❤❤ I love this guy so much you can see he respects jimin and bts a lot. I mean he's still liking comments related to bts. The loyalty the friendship is out of this world😍😍

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh  2 days ago

    He explained Bighit very smoothly.

  • Дарина Гришко

    Весёлый парнишка, мне понравилась его подача, хоть я и не поняла ни слова

  • _꾸용
    _꾸용  3 days ago +1

    와 3대 대형에서 4대 대형으로 이제 빅히트가 올라오다니 이걸 내 눈으로 보네 많이컷다 데뷔때 부터 봤는데 기분이 뭉클하구만

  • 파괴몬
    파괴몬  3 days ago

    아..마자 이분 지민옵 친구랬죠..

  • 고민경
    고민경  4 days ago

    방탄춤은 네 겁나 빠르고 힘이 많이 들어가야 하는거 같아여 개 빡세져...힘내세여 니후님

  • Xochilt Gonzalez-Salinas

    Lord have mercy on BigHit's new girl group

  • Gamer Dash
    Gamer Dash  6 days ago

    I thought you were taemin so I clicked. I’m sorry for thinking that

  • Yoon Lee
    Yoon Lee  6 days ago

    haha he is very handsome and cuteeeeee
    i like you boyyy ^^♡