Was Preetipls Wrong?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • So the question today is, was preetipls wrong? Let us discussWatch all of the videos in this dicussion : Was E-Pay Brownfacing? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k-sS...Is Brownface = Character acting? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qElHv...Was Preetipls Wrong? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpWIS...Why was preetipls investigated? : https://youtu.be/kgaVdjCKlBoFollow us on instagram for more! https://www.instagram.com/deekosh/https://www.instagram.com/hirziofficial/https://www.instagram.com/xiaxue/


  • farhan
    farhan  7 days ago +125

    honestly yall need a podcast series

  • Pamela Moses
    Pamela Moses  7 days ago +109

    Dee Kosh, love you for being real all the freaking time!

  • chua mingxuan
    chua mingxuan  7 days ago +107

    xiaxue is straightforward
    hirzi knows the law
    dee kosh is sick literally

  • JayJay Ann
    JayJay Ann  7 days ago +449

    Foresee many haters gonna attack xx on this one but i really do agree with most of her viewpoints

  • Erica Ong
    Erica Ong  7 days ago +278

    Love how unapologetic Xiaxue is in expressing her views hahaha her logic was on point in this video as well 👌

  • J C
    J C  7 days ago +248

    Sorry ah, I keep staring at XX's black hair roots, time to touch up.. lololol

  • jo
    jo  7 days ago +12

    the government should watch this series

  • D T
    D T  7 days ago +57

    Simply put, XX's point is of IGNORANCE vs INTENTION.

  • pravind93
    pravind93  2 days ago +1

    Such irony from XX talking from the view point of pretti. Privilege vs racism.

  • za firah
    za firah  7 days ago +3

    Thank you for addressing this. You guys are amazing. Love meaningful conversations like this! 🌈

  • randomyoutubereader
    randomyoutubereader  7 days ago +401

    xiaxue really talk some sense here. when is she joining the general election? 😂

  • Shahirah hamid
    Shahirah hamid  7 days ago +107

    can we just clarify something. this is a platform to understand how feelings can get hurt. we are all here to see views from various people of skin, colour and race.
    in this day and age where all of us are most likely biracial, it is necessary to understand. you do not have to agree. but you need to understand various viewpoints.
    this is not to prove who is right and wrong. when it comes to feelings, there will never be an absolute white and black. but we need to understand, how smth can affect others.
    the comment section is lost in the issues of minorities or the browns against chinese and i think everyone needs to take a step back and internalise the perspectives of all cultures .
    importantly , we all must agree to disagree but dont force your views unto others. educate yourself, speak with your peers, involve yourself with various cultures and communicate.

  • 159ljy
    159ljy  7 days ago +101

    Love this. This is the way the proper way to have a discussion on issues that are so sensitive. Albeit, xx is a little more aggressive and unapologetic in the way she talks and hirzi and dee might have toned down their opinions a bit more; but I think with this we are on the right track in trying to spark more discussions on something that has been swept under the carpet for so long. I love how they try to consider all sides possible and try to remain as objective as they can be while trying to voice their opinions!

  • Caleb Joseph
    Caleb Joseph  7 days ago +163

    I watched the rap video and as an Indian i found this extremely unhelpful in the conversation. It literally is fighting racism with racism. Imagine this happening in a country like Australia where both groups are minorities. Objectively analysing the video makes it blatantly racist. It honestly didn't help. It literally polarised the situation even more. 💁

  • Ash Yeo
    Ash Yeo  7 days ago +32

    Lets all agree on the same topic. Katong laksa really dont need chopstick to eat

  • Caine Tey
    Caine Tey  3 days ago +2

    preetipls's video will not bring any good outcome. In fact, knowing Singapore Gov, new rule or law might be out soon to prevent future occurrences; resulted in limited creativity in video| youtube.

  • jesther 92
    jesther 92  2 days ago +1

    the most powerful trio in sg,,

  • Karen Aw
    Karen Aw  yesterday

    Definitely. For sure, they know what they are doing.

  • Sivam Sivam
    Sivam Sivam  4 days ago

    Great conversation on the issue,tks guys✌️

  • Danny C
    Danny C  6 days ago +2

    Tis shows tat multi culturalism in SGP is very weak.... initially only 4 major races already caused chaos..... now we r opened to even more races from mainly 3rd world countries..... god bless sgp.