Was Preetipls Wrong?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • So the question today is, was preetipls wrong? Let us discuss
    Watch all of the videos in this dicussion :
    Was E-Pay Brownfacing? : https://cnclips.net/video/2k-sSgIpXnc/video.html
    Is Brownface = Character acting? : https://cnclips.net/video/qElHvtkyWNM/video.html
    Was Preetipls Wrong? : https://cnclips.net/video/WpWISzfm_r8/video.html
    Why was preetipls investigated? : https://cnclips.net/video/kgaVdjCKlBo/video.html

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  • Eve Kaur
    Eve Kaur  a months ago

    After watching these videos, I just have to say, Hirzi and Dee Kosh are very accommodating and polite people.

  • fried tofu
    fried tofu  a months ago

    i like how herzi was presenting the other side of the argument and i think he did it very eloquently which is cool

  • gamingaddix
    gamingaddix  2 months ago +1

    "I don't fking apologize, you offended, it's your own business". Thanks for inviting this privileged cunt to talk about racial issues in Singapore. All she has done is enable the bigoted mindset of racist people. If you want to discuss a racial issue maybe give the minorities more time to share their views? Most of the video was just xx talking over the other two.

  • Invincible
    Invincible  2 months ago

    Xiaxue had a stronger thought on this one, I’m liking her a lot. Earned my respect.

  • chae
    chae  2 months ago

    Conclusion: You can't be badass before doing your homework.

  • Namang Chang
    Namang Chang  2 months ago +1

    Y'all just fucked up. Stupid morons discussing two hoots with one pea size brain shared by 3 empty vessels with funky english

  • Mariel Lye
    Mariel Lye  2 months ago

    Honestly I wish that dee had said more. I was waiting for his point of view but I felt that he only said a part of it

  • Mythical Hawk
    Mythical Hawk  3 months ago +4

    i guess i cant be a smurf anymore coz that is blue facing

  • Gladys Lee
    Gladys Lee  3 months ago +1

    2:49 dee kosh: yeets the phone

  • Anitha Narayanan
    Anitha Narayanan  3 months ago +5

    I am in indian living in Singapore since 3 years. Preetipls video doesnt help, it only stokes more ego. My observation so far. Half or a little less of chinese population is warm and friendly. And i see that these are mainly buddhist or follow eastern cultures. There are many who downright stare top to bottom, give a rude stare when smiled, esp the youngsters. The maids from asian countries are very simple and give a very warm smile. I always smile at them, i know they wont snub and they smile back very graciously. As someone having lived in 6 different countries, I see a highly rigid mindset here among some chinese. They cant stop staring at the white people, the things they carry etc., but look down on everyone else. Some really do it. A chinese lady once accidentally touched my shoulders when the train jerked. She immediately took out her hand sanitizer and rubbed on her palms. I wasnt coming from a gym or anything. And no one around had a problem with it, they were into their mobile phones as usual. Having said that, some worker class indians and higg class educated north indians shout a lot and behave like they own the place. They do that everywhere, even in India. I see such loud people among some ethnic chinese also. The mixed race photo-ops by the govt is only photoops. There is no real mingling among the different races here. The white people themselves are moving on and are becoming more accomodating and friendly in their countries. Many chinese are becoming the new white people. Why is white skin promoting cosmetics so popular in singapore among the chinese, who already have THE perfect spotless skin among all of the world's races? If your skin colour and tone isnt enough, what message are you sending? Oh and i hear that they have stopped issuing PRs to the indians since 5 or 6 years. Any other race facing this?

  • Hara Kiri
    Hara Kiri  3 months ago +1

    Government does brownface. Triggered indian makes video against it. Government be like * YOU ARE RACIST *

  • mohd Azif
    mohd Azif  3 months ago +2

    Being a Singaporean indian
    I don’t belive in racial harmony.

  • Darryl Bob
    Darryl Bob  3 months ago

    Lighting and background on point.

  • Nicholas Quek
    Nicholas Quek  3 months ago

    I feel that next time just whiteface every race then problem solved! Lol

  • Awesome Summer
    Awesome Summer  3 months ago

    Definitely. For sure, they know what they are doing.

  • pravind93
    pravind93  3 months ago +2

    Such irony from XX talking from the view point of pretti. Privilege vs racism.

  • shrimpeyes
    shrimpeyes  3 months ago +3

    Why on earth would you criticise an act of calling out racism (the preetpls video) when the actual act of racism itself (e-pay advert) is so much worse?

  • jesther 92
    jesther 92  3 months ago +1

    the most powerful trio in sg,,

  • Caine Tey
    Caine Tey  3 months ago +2

    preetipls's video will not bring any good outcome. In fact, knowing Singapore Gov, new rule or law might be out soon to prevent future occurrences; resulted in limited creativity in video| youtube.

    MASTER X  3 months ago +1

    Blogger Queen XX slayed it.