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  • Published on:  Monday, February 5, 2018
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  a years ago +23172

    ► NEXT VIDEO: Soccer vs Football Trick Shots w/ the F2
    ► THUMBS UP if you’re gonna 👀 it

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson  a years ago +1579

    Garrett out here building rockets better than North Korea

  • Miles Lodise
    Miles Lodise  2 days ago +7

    Ty: team Cody don’t do that type of stuff
    Team Cody: Doesn’t lift off the ground

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  • Grazelle Mulat
    Grazelle Mulat  1 months ago +364

    If you watch in July 2019, like bellow 👍👍👍👍

  • Ultra Gamer YT
    Ultra Gamer YT  2 months ago +220

    Cody: im going to launch this sky high
    Rocket:*goes zero feet*
    Cody: am I a joke to you

  • Leon Pont
    Leon Pont  a years ago +4860

    Imagine running a mile to get 300 extra points when you already won

  • Midnight Phantom

    To all the people watching this in 2019 and in the future, you’re beautiful

  • Reinaldo fortnite
    Reinaldo fortnite  2 months ago +180

    In 3:24 look at his hand his hand look like a chicken hand but more fingers

  • Henryugle
    Henryugle  9 hours ago

    Is it me or does Cory look like Shaun White in this video

  • Cauncey Nicolas
    Cauncey Nicolas  19 hours ago

    I'm a big fan but never seen how many subs u have geez

  • Googlov Uporabnik
    Googlov Uporabnik  a years ago +2099

    Sponsored by North Korea

  • Allee Elizabeth
    Allee Elizabeth  2 days ago +1

    im a huge fan , u guys r awesome and Ty is the best

  • Cheesy Challenges
    Cheesy Challenges  2 months ago +91

    3:18 flight failure of an apollo spaceship (1970 something) (colorized)

  • Gunnar Jones
    Gunnar Jones  2 days ago

    Cody traffic cones are supposed to be on the ground I geuss

  • Geoff Nelsen
    Geoff Nelsen  2 days ago +1

    Coby I think you're rockets name is the cow killer

  • Average Potatoe
    Average Potatoe  7 months ago +1391

    Who's here after the model rocket 2 vid?

  • Dario Ungureanu

    Hey is there a rocket that can hold 3 engines or even 4 engines?

  • Jamanations
    Jamanations  2 months ago +30

    Ty: this is why I like team Cody because team Cody doesn't do that type of stuff. TY! CODY'S ROCKET DIDN'T EVEN GET OFF THE GROUND!

  • TheWeirdTheWise Live
    TheWeirdTheWise Live  1 months ago +22

    Bounty Hunter. More like cow hunter. Like if u agree