He payed $150 000 to look like BTS JIMIN

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 11, 2020
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  • Lita
    Lita  2 days ago +6

    LOL funny Pewds I liked this video yes!!!! :)

  • tamagoswirl
    tamagoswirl  7 days ago +105

    He looks like a botched 2012 Miley Cyrus

  • Kaname
    Kaname  7 days ago +98

    im gonna miss u during break felixu

  • Angel Lai
    Angel Lai  7 days ago +155

    Thoughts rom an army: CRINGE

  • Njet
    Njet  7 days ago +161

    Imagine how many people would do the same if they had the money.

  • Fred Perry
    Fred Perry  7 days ago +136

    Man spend $150,000 to look like someone.
    Me: Man I wish I had $150,000 so I could help others in need.

  • Chopper Inbound
    Chopper Inbound  7 days ago +28

    Pewds shot them with trabushate

  • Helene
    Helene  7 days ago +89

    he looks like kris kardashian

  • Kul Jente
    Kul Jente  7 days ago +471

    My face is visibly cringing so hard right now.

  • Jamie Ryan
    Jamie Ryan  7 days ago +160

    First step you have to be Korean NOT English

  • The Occupation
    The Occupation  7 days ago +278

    this dude is freaking out even jimin himself like how far is he gunna go until he realizes it’s disgusting lol

  • David DC
    David DC  7 days ago +10

    Vry nice

  • A B B Y
    A B B Y  7 days ago +49

    If you wanna be Jimin
    insted of trying to look like someone your not, love yourself cause your amazing. ...WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT BTS FANS?

  • Årne Reime
    Årne Reime  7 days ago +57

    Felix: 3:28
    News Channels: «Pewdiepie says he is going to kill people who try to become like him»

  • nox _
    nox _  7 days ago +530

    I'm just gonna point this out
    He is a disgrace to Armys.
    People who are obsessed like him generally become more famous, they cause fights and start being obsessive . Let's get it straight we've seen it in every fandom from all ages . But it overshadows the pure love and admiration we have for these seven guys.

  • JareBareXP
    JareBareXP  7 days ago +47

    When his hair was black he looked lesbian

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes  7 days ago +79

    “I’m doing what makes me happy, i’m following my dreams. “

    If your dream is to go through massively augmenting, obvious and disgusting plastic surgery, in order to look like an artist you don’t actually know, maybe find something that will actually make you happy.

  • naruto uzmaki1
    naruto uzmaki1  7 days ago +10

    also THE CRINGE

  • Laura Lily
    Laura Lily  7 days ago +13

    inabber intensifies

  • nibs
    nibs  7 days ago +17

    Produce Kpop stars out of a treadmill -pewdiepie