I Bought A Luxury 5th Wheel RV From Copart I Hate Thieves

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 27, 2018
  • I needed a place to call home so I bought a 5th wheel.Need clean water? https://amzn.to/2xYoDUIInstagram @rebuilderguy This rebuild was made possible by Turbo Import Parts. They sell used oem parts for turbo charged or imported cars! https://esoftie.com/fb/shop/149115948...Music by https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial#thieves #fulltimeliving #copart


  • LittleMonster Pants
    LittleMonster Pants  11 months ago +194

    "Old people funk" = hidden mold!!!

  • Scott James
    Scott James  11 months ago +298

    If you were putting your kids in there I would still get a professional mold inspection just to be sure

  • charles alaniz
    charles alaniz  11 months ago +72

    If the water gets anywhere near the bottom of the RV they’ll total it out cause of the mold the insurance did that with our new RV when Hurricane Harvey hit us in Beaumont Texas

  • Dan F
    Dan F  11 months ago +110

    Old people funk? You got a mold motel.....

  • Jim Farris
    Jim Farris  11 months ago +268

    I was okay until I seen that man with a man bun made me want to throw up

  • 777jones
    777jones  11 months ago +46

    I like to see this attitude man. You have skills, but more importantly you are willing to get things done instead of complain. Respect on that. Good luck

  • Brad Culberson
    Brad Culberson  11 months ago +112

    All the electronics may have been broken from flood and removed by the shop that did the repair estimate to get prices.

  • Ma Re
    Ma Re  11 months ago +17

    For future reference. When u clean fabric awnings you was them from the inside out with low pressure not a high pressure washer. To blow the dirt out of them. You just forced it all into the fabric

  • V H
    V H  11 months ago +599

    They didn't steal anything. This is what happens when you buy from a salvage yard.

  • 1armedguy
    1armedguy  11 months ago +27

    All you needed was a couple of scissor car jacks from the local junkyard !

  • CauseAndEffect
    CauseAndEffect  11 months ago +78

    'Old people funk' most likely mold from roof leaks or from flood.

  • Machwon Mike
    Machwon Mike  11 months ago +72

    I would pull the carpet up it would be a easy way to prove it wasn’t flooded there would be mold if it was

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson  7 days ago +1

    No one:
    Car YouTubers:
    "Living in a Copart Vehicle (Worth it?)"

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez  5 months ago +11

    How much did he pay?
    How much were repairs?
    How much is it worth now?

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks  5 days ago

    i subbed you buddy..anybody with a rebuilder name deserves it, but make that good content my friend

  • Zachary Zarko
    Zachary Zarko  11 months ago +146

    Instead of selling your old house, you should have rented it out and let the renters keep building up your equity. You could have taken out a home equity loan to pay for the RV. Then when your new house is finished, you could sell the RV and keep your old house as an investment property. Once the old house was paid off, you could have used the rent to buy another investment property. Once you get 7 or 8 houses with no mortgages and collect $10,000 per month in rent, you could retire.

  • Funeral Hall
    Funeral Hall  11 months ago +39

    Under 20.000 for that high end RV!
    You got A good deal!!!!!!!!
    Look how nice the inside is?
    Outside looks flaw less!
    You”ll make money on this deal
    In A few years !
    You have A condo on wheels now!!!!
    You will need more then A full size truck!
    For your rolling condo!
    People tow with pick ups all the time here in the USA!
    It’s so unsafe! Anything happens and it’s all over!
    Your going to need A RIG!
    That RV was maybe 97.000$ or more new?
    Maybe 150.000 new!
    Maybe 10.000$ to fix or less!
    I think it’s a very good deal!!!

  • Keith Curtis
    Keith Curtis  11 months ago +29

    If you are happy that is all that counts, but you paid double what it was worth. I would watch for respiratory issues with your child, as if this was even a little flooded underneath there will be mold.

  • bajan dude246
    bajan dude246  11 months ago +33

    Damn they really stripped that down

  • Robert Small
    Robert Small  11 months ago +10

    I'm a new sub and after seeing this video... I was definitely impressed by what u did... the 5th wheel is absolutely BEAUTIFUL... I wouldn't mind living in one of those at all... GREAT JOB... LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT VIDEO... DON'T GET DOWN... YOUR WORK SPEAKS TONS OF HOW TALENTED YOU ARE... LET NOBODY DISCOURAGE YOU... AGAIN GREAT JOB!!!