I Bought A Luxury 5th Wheel RV From Copart I Hate Thieves

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 27, 2018
  • I needed a place to call home so I bought a 5th wheel.

    Need clean water? https://amzn.to/2xYoDUI

    Instagram @rebuilderguy

    This rebuild was made possible by Turbo Import Parts. They sell used oem parts for turbo charged or imported cars!


    Music by https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial

    #thieves #fulltimeliving #copart


  • sealy
    sealy  3 days ago

    Looks like you will brotha!! Helps when you can fix things yourself

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown  4 days ago

    how much was it?

    IMONEYBANKZ  4 days ago

    How do U know if those items were stolen ? What if the owner sold them separate?

  • Raymond Boucher
    Raymond Boucher  5 days ago

    Just put it on a hydraulic press an straighten the.

  • Starr Williams
    Starr Williams  7 days ago +3


  • Meanold bonbon
    Meanold bonbon  7 days ago

    i bought a house in smith county kansas and i became a victim of major crimes and stalking, and corruption and identity theft i never recovered from this nightmare the home was destroyed and every thing stolen or distroyed all by crime and the local police and district attorney was envolved by the crime and even the judge from the county aid in the crime so if you drive threw smith county kansas i would advise to stay clear due to the major corruption that targets all out of state people.

  • Keith Fought
    Keith Fought  14 days ago

    Time 11:23 ur front leaf spring bolt is missing fix before moving it

  • mhadi-busaleh
    mhadi-busaleh  21 days ago

    How you paid for it?

  • Abdul Mujib Aliu
    Abdul Mujib Aliu  21 days ago

    Love your channel... it just screams freedom!!!!

  • John Bolton
    John Bolton  21 days ago

    A Massive, Massive SHOUT OUT for COPART the most wonderful US Company.

  • Big The Cat
    Big The Cat  21 days ago

    Oh no, it is a smarter investment, no doubt about it!

  • Bryan Julien
    Bryan Julien  21 days ago

    This is grate man I feel I would do the same 👍

  • joe burkett
    joe burkett  1 months ago

    i bet it was the dealer it was brought too for the adjuster to look at they knew exactly what to take

  • Stonewall
    Stonewall  1 months ago

    Get the stabilizer braces for in between the tires. They take out the "bounce effect" you feel when you walk in the unit. You will be amazed how it will feel.

  • bauhaus
    bauhaus  1 months ago

    If you have the title, and the insurance company is going to total it, why wouldn’t you pull anything that has a decent 2ndary market value to sell? As if any one of us wouldn’t do this. You’d be a moron not to do this. It’s your property, you can do with it wtf you want. Srsly, anyone seeing this vid will be doing exactly this if they ever are faced with a total loss on an expensive luxury product. Lot’s of virtue signaling on this thread.

  • Johnny G Ride
    Johnny G Ride  1 months ago

    it wasn't in a salvage auction for no reason.. He keeps looking around on the floor for damage . idiot dosent relize the damage could be from the roof

  • One mans plan
    One mans plan  1 months ago

    Yep that has flood damage. It didn't make it is the living quarter but I noticed it in the crawl space. At minute 12:56 of the video you can see where the water came up to on the wood.

  • BIG JOE 245
    BIG JOE 245  3 months ago

    looks good except you forgot to tell us about water hook up and sewer. uh oh!!

  • 1gapinghole
    1gapinghole  3 months ago

    825 wtf

  • B J C
    B J C  3 months ago

    Bottle Jack's work the same and cheaper