Stockholm Syndrome: Midsommar Review - Movie Podcast

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
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    This week the gang reviews Ari Aster's controversial new thriller "Midsommar " and tries to decide if it lives up to the legacy of "Hereditary". Plus, I could be wrong, but I think the term "pube pie" was mentioned at least once so you all have that to look forward to.

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  • MakerMaddox
    MakerMaddox  7 days ago

    Did no one see the giant face in the trees near the end?!

  • Black Powder Patriots

    What shoes/boots is Adam wearing

  • atArturojr
    atArturojr  1 months ago

    I wish this movie had an actual plot. Smh.

  • Ravuun
    Ravuun  1 months ago

    I think part of the reason Pele wanted Dani to go was because she was at the midsummer of her life as they see it AND her birthday was on the first day of MidSommar.

  • Gun K
    Gun K  1 months ago

    why isnt noone talking about the car dream sequence the girl had

  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher  1 months ago

    Guy isn't into his girlfriend anymore, because she is mentally unstable. (As evidenced by her perscription bottle) acts disconnected because he would rather she just boke up with him, so he does not have to actively add to her distress = Bad Guy

  • DirtyDinner24
    DirtyDinner24  2 months ago

    I really don’t understand all the hate this movie is getting. Not only is it one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve seen but it’s also does a great job of depicting the anxiety and grief. I also that Florence’s acting was almost just as good as Toni’s. I still can’t believe Toni Collette didn’t get nominated for an Oscar. That was the moment I realized the Oscars is more worried about pushing an agenda then actually awarding the best actors working today.

  • CowGoesRawr
    CowGoesRawr  2 months ago

    Loved this movie

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes  2 months ago +1

    nudity is just tits and ass
    graphic nudity is full frontal dongs, bush, or simulated sex

  • Lukee Poo
    Lukee Poo  2 months ago

    33:00 Yeah, he should have been dead already, but also lungs work by the expansion of the diaphragm which pulls the ribcage outward and sucks air into the lungs, so this guy, having his lungs outside of his body, should definitely not be breathing, as the mechanism for breathing was completely dismantled.

  • livingitup
    livingitup  2 months ago +2

    3:07 this isn't a horror because it only has one jump scare? I am supposed to listen to 53 minutes of this drivel? LMAO!

  • Cat Mun
    Cat Mun  2 months ago

    I feel like you shouldn't compare this to hereditary because the films are too different. The only things they have in common is it's about grief and Ari Aster directed them

  • hotties3v3n
    hotties3v3n  3 months ago

    I love your Asian eyes.

  • Phil Judd
    Phil Judd  3 months ago

    This is an inane review or discussion...they completely miss the point of it and react to the minor stuff...pretentious at best...

  • Leif Erikson
    Leif Erikson  3 months ago

    A guy had blood on his dick after fucking someone who is suggested to be "just barely legal". That's probably what the graphic nudity was from.

  • okapi okapi
    okapi okapi  3 months ago +1

    The movie made 31 million so far on a 9 million budget so it did okay.

    By the way, some great use of budget if it was 9 million.

    I disagree with a lot of their opinions about the movie, I loved it. Good reviews though.

  • coffeewithclaude
    coffeewithclaude  3 months ago

    PS Critical Drinker just did a thing about this thing. It’s pretty fantastic 👌🏼

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller  3 months ago +1

    i think another critical theme of midsommar beyond 'anxiety' or mid-level emotional malaise is trauma, and the vulnerable isolation it can produce. moreover, it was a sharp (though reasonably ambiguous) criticism of modernity: keeping elderly alive as long as possible, the lack of symbolic cohesion in secular cultures, empty alienation spun as liberated individualism, etc.

    i enjoyed this movie quite a bit. i think the ending was conflicted though. the most obvious reading of dani's deep-frying her unlikable BF is as revenge fulfillment. but i think there was also the whole 'burning away attachments' component. the problem is the revenge is unsatisfying because BF was only so much of a dick (also drugged into infidelity). but because their relationship's tumult is so emphasized, the (more profound) 'burning off impurities' takes a back seat.

    kudos to aster for creating a movie where the 'baddies' are philosophically compelling despite their grotesque brutality. maybe the biggest error of Midsommar was allowing its hype to build as a 'thrilling follow-up to the horror flick of the decade'. seemed to me more a surrealistic and nuanced reflection on culture, loss, and relational decay freckled with jaunting imagery. but i'll take this brand of 'horror' any day over the spineless money-grabs that typically haunt the box office.

  • GameReaper740
    GameReaper740  3 months ago +1

    Alanah has the worst twitter handle

  • Brett Putman
    Brett Putman  3 months ago

    Symbology is not a word.