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  • Published on:  Monday, February 12, 2018
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  • Janis McDonald
    Janis McDonald  a years ago +14

    ADVICE: If everyone here would go listen to KIM CLEMENT prophecy AND MARK TAYLOR prophecy you wouldn't have to do so much guessing. ✝🇺🇸🗣 They both talk about a lot of what Q is vague about. SC justices, military tribunals, NK.

  • D Arant
    D Arant  a years ago +4

    Please quit talking over Dr Corsi

  • Great Meadows
    Great Meadows  a years ago +2

    Its on my FB, It was a weapon, has residual matrix energy=HAARP base pattern system=you do not build weapons unless you have a way to track it= Donald who had access to these weapons. Simple as that.

  • Cal Wat
    Cal Wat  a years ago +3

    London City Airport on lock down also King George Docks. UK

  • jay i
    jay i  a years ago +5

    Edit/Update: Wrong name highlighted.
    Should be highlighted: Passenger #32 - Ivanov, Vyacheslav (see Q's U1 reference)
    Edit/Update: Surgey Panchenko (likely real name) Surgey Panchenko: Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    Makes sense that he would be flying with Vyacheslav Ivanov of ROSATOM Overseas.
    ROSATOM the sister company to Tenex, which is the company that lobbied for the Uranium One sale!
    Potential [likely] U1 connection, confirmed. (no coincidences)
    Clowns operating out of jurisdiction. Check.
    Possible Goal: Protect Mueller and Clinton (Ivanov to leak?) to keep Russia collusion investigation alive in the hopes of a Dem takeover of Congress in Nov 2018 midterms ie: IMPEACH.

  • Angie Power-Disney

    Love the absence of HIERARCHY in your is a key to the way forward


    "Q"s body count on aircraft is "71" that seems to include the crew. Maybe poi is listed as crew member?

  • Angela J
    Angela J  a years ago +9

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is too politically active and outspoken. There has always been a taboo against members of SCOTUS speaking too openly of politics, lest they signal how they would vote on cases that may come up in the future. She has become more progressively (pun) political in the last couple of years, and this could be an early sign of (very high functioning) executive decision making deterioration. Senility. Frontal lobe dementia. And the pedophilia angle is sick. And there are higher numbers of these sexual disinhibition illnesses among the Jews. It should never be legalized or be made normative !! Pedophiles should be locked up forever for the good of humanity. Their crimes are crimes against the future mental and physical health of the most vulnerable members of society. And they are sins, unspeakable sins. This woman has too much power to hold such opinions and to speak freely of them. She should be forcibly retired.

  • rhonda flick
    rhonda flick  a years ago +2

    Thank you all! Wonderful Dr Corsi

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot  a years ago

    Damn glad I found this channel antiskuul spelled incorrectly on purpose got deep sixed yesta day

  • Richard 4SHORT
    Richard 4SHORT  a years ago +1

    Hey, Red Pillers! We should all head over to the MSM channels and educate the Blue Pillers...

  • Carolyn Mezias
    Carolyn Mezias  a years ago


  • Pasta Guy
    Pasta Guy  a years ago

    #55 Russina psychic foresaw deadly crash but boarded plane anyways

  • Ryan Derek
    Ryan Derek  2 months ago

    RBG is a crazy old bat

  • Tim Edmonds
    Tim Edmonds  a years ago

    There is no chance of impeaching mr Trump, I would be very mindful of history if someone tried without 100% proof.
    After more than a year ZERO. how is that working out for AL Green & Maxine Water.

  • charlie charlie
    charlie charlie  a years ago +1

    No space, maybe low earth satelites held up by ballons is all we have as in Project LOON by Google.

  • Theresa Lawver
    Theresa Lawver  a years ago

    The audio is disruption

  • Donna O'Laughlin
    Donna O'Laughlin  a years ago +1

    I think Q is the Trump Administration getting the info out to the American People.

    MEDIA ANARCHY  a years ago

    you tube just gests more interesting my the minute. lmfao

  • Pam Johnson
    Pam Johnson  a years ago

    Ruth is a dishonorable justice because she's sold out to the globalist who have fallen .